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  • stevencath Jul 22, 2011 6:22 PM Flag

    thank God for the free shares and new ipo

    I know you guys have the best way to do this Drillship IPO. But I thought about this—PLEASE , PLEASE READ this.
    A)Dryships 390 MILL shares
    B) The OCRG have 30 MILL shares right now at $20(23%)
    C) The shares(no money required)Dryships(390 divided ½=195)+OCRG shares= 195+30=225
    D) 225 MILL shares x $20= 4,500,000,000= 4.5BILL
    E) So an Dryship share owner would receive ½ OCRG($10)share
    F) The Dryship investors would have about $5.00share + OCRG $10.00 share=$15.00 shares(Mr George Economou would make $561 MILL at $10 per Dryship owned shares!!!!)
    G) As OCRG gets more contracts its going to $9BILL to $13.5BILL value NO MORE LOAN MONEY NEEDED!**********OCRG INVESTORS ARE GOING TO MAKE A TON$$$$$$$$$$$
    H)Please HAVE Mr. GEORGE ECONOMOU,Mr. Ziad Nakhleh, Mr. Pankaj Khanna READ THIS
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I)Is the number of OCRG shares—225—to many?Also revenue analysts estimates 2011 revenue $670 MILL ,Assets $4,434.7 BILL SO THESE ARE OVER $5 BILL.Now there are more contracts coming in and new drillships coming in 2013.
    J)Seadrill Limited Company , P/E 8.66 , EPA $4.12 , Market Cap $16.57 BILL—Shares 463.86 MILL
    OCRG Company , P/E 8 , (Revenue 2011- estimate-$669.8)Market Cap $4.5 BILL-Shares 225MILL

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