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  • therealfacts123 therealfacts123 Feb 10, 2012 6:01 PM Flag

    George is a genious!!

    Where would DRYS be without the ORIG deal???

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    • Well, let me say this about DRYS and George....plays the markets well and does get capital from the markets,however, the shareholders are the ones that have lost and carried this co due to so much dilution...when i first started investing into DRYS they have 224 million million?? Wall st hates the stock and co due to this..the value is here though, and now since all those older sellers have moved away, the memories are short for new's liquid and does have ORIG's underlying value which on a take out would easily fetch 25-30 per share...if that happened DRYS would double lets see how 2012 goes..good luck here ...I traded this one after it dropped from 116 per share down into the 10-20 range...and here we are at the price of 3 mc doubles!!

    • As a shareholder in both DRYS & ORIG I worry about this guy. DRYS still owns approx 75% of ORIG but I was not impressed with the recent spin-off of ORIG to DRYS shareholders as far as the amount in stock dividend actually paid. It felt like DRYS shareholders were short changed to me. Anyone else here have a comment on this?

    • I'll tell you where I think they would be... At the time! Drys was very profitable.. And would have remained so.. During all this fiasco, Drys has had bulkers earning good money.. I think right now.. "WITHOUT" Orig..Drys could be sitting here.. 30M shrs of stk, no debt, maybe $1B cash. And earning $2. to $3. per shr.. "FOR" that 74% of Orig and 4 tankers we own.. The stk has been diluted to about 400M shrs.. All the profits have went to paying for those rigs or into "SOMEONES" pockets.. And depending on whether Drys portion of debt includes 74% of Orig's or 100%.. Drys either has about $1.5B or $2.12B debt, on bulkers and tankers, who may not be worth $1B??? (Is some of that debt, borrowed against our 74% ownership of ORIG?) Drys bulkers and tankers reported a loss, last qtr.. And during this fiasco.. Our "GENIOUS", has become a billionare and beneficially owns 60M shrs of Drys, the last time they recorded what he owned... And who owns that restricted stk or whatever it is, that they been paying out, dividends of like $1M to $3M per qtr on?? What is this stk really worth?? Those rigs are going to be generating a lot of revenues and hopefully profits.. But, how much profits, will there be, after servicing all that debt?? And pray like hell interest rates don't start going up.. A lot of that debt, is tied to LIBOR... And between now and end of 2013.. Most likely, debt will increase at least anouther $1.5B.. $1B to pay for those 3 rigs.. Maybe $500M for those 8 tankers being built.. Then there are 5 VLOC's, 2 panamax and 2 capes being built..And mind you.. They will have to borrow money, to pay for all that... Sad part.. May be no demand for them, when they arrive?? But with those rigs.. We do have a Co, that is growing... If we were still just in drybulkers.. We would have a Co.(at present) that is sort of withering on the vine, as those leases on those bulkers keep expiring, and they have to operate on spot... Hard to say what this stk, is really worth.. I know, I like it under $3. I know, at $3. I get leary!! I want to see how those figures look for the qtr.. All I know... Every qtr, they do seem to dissapoint... But then I do have a way of convincing myself, they are going to come in with better figures, than are expected.. Everybody should read those last 2 earnings reports.. And decide for yourself, as to whether they actually had earnings, or loses??? They do some funny sheit, with those figures!!!! And why would the shr count, they decide to use to calculate earnings, be different than shrs outstanding.. And they basically, said that was what they were doing last qtr, when they stated, the shr count, they would use for earnings.. Would be 388M???? I actually think.. Geo and DB and maybe other creditors, may take corp stk and use it.. So at any time, there may be more stk in the mkt, than is listed as outstanding.. If so.. That has got to be the most disrespect anyone has ever shown their stk holders...

    • Actually, do you know how much he paid for ORIG? Way, way more than it is currently worth. He would have done better to buy tbills with the money...

    • where would drys be without him?thank you george ,best ceo worldwide.

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