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  • thermonuke_aka_bt thermonuke_aka_bt Feb 24, 2012 10:16 AM Flag

    50/100 Golden Cross confirmed by Wednesday

    Only $0.03 away from confirmation, DRYS needs only stay over $3 for another couple days. 100/150 Golden Cross shaping up, approx 2 weeks out if DRYS stays in the $3.50+ range.

    Just 1 new contract, preferably to lock in 2012 and at a comparitive or better rate than current contracts for this to really fly. The technicals are already in place as I have been saying.

    There are many technical aspects to consider in trading, but moving averages are my fav. By Wednesday I suggest it will be near impossible for DRYS to ever get below $2.50 again. I say near impossible, because I am sure that if Mr. Economou sets his mind to it, he will find a way, but I see the risk as very low. Within the next 2 weeks, I see my $2.50 floor going to approx $3 based on the trend and 100/150 cross.

    It could all coincide with a new contract, that is the name of my game. If Tehran closes the straight or behaves provocatively enough, we will find that ORIG will be in aggressive inbound sales contract negotiations for everything they can fill. This was my sole reason for getting back into DRYS. My timing may have been off, I may have put too much stock into Tehran's rhetoric, but so far so good. I am looking for $6.09 by mid-March if things proceed.

    Full disclosure - 100 Mar $2.50 calls @ 0.27 11/23/2011, 50 Mar $5 calls @ 0.04 2/23/2012.

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    • Another great tell is how the stock reacted yesterday after earnings. It fell on low volume to 3.08 and then rallied all the way to close up in the green. An outside reversal day. Normally, there will be a breather of a couple of days and then it will race again. Today was the consolidation of the move and it still closed out positive. If positive news comes out of the G20 meeting, which there might be (chinese commitment to buying Euro bonds, etc.) then this stock will break out and we might be closer to $5 in a blink. It is cocked and ready. Just needs a good solid catalyst. No better than an organic one in which DRYS announces new TCEs which are markedly higher OR ORIG announces another contract!! Right now, some folks are lightening up around 3.75 to 3.80. All the catalyst needs to do is hold 3.8 on an up move and then 4.18 to 4.32 comes immediately.

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      • thermonuke Feb 24, 2012 11:25 PM Flag

        surendarts Don't you feel like yesterday morning was more of a head fake though? Audio called it out first and he's right, too many wobbly legs out there. You're right too though that DRYS itself could generate some positive press, but IMHO it has to be ORIG. Next good contract not only sits well fundamentally, it lines up perfect technically, a double whammy of awareness and that kind of catalyst will make $3.80 (closer to $3.71 I think) look like a bargain to fresh eyes.

        I like that you mentioned G20 also. Not so much about them, but folks let's face it, DRYS is lumped in with Greece. It just is (because it's complicated). If we get a Greek rally and then ORIG floods the press shortly after... well, I'll save that one for the next time I run to the bathroom.

    • ret4ever Feb 24, 2012 4:24 PM Flag

      A-hole..funny,i dont see any other posters replying to that link you provided..wonder why? Guess all the other posters are mentally challenged as i...we can all trust Yahoo to guard our privacy especially those who are not so politically correct..No need for firewalls either for A-holes like you dont getting as far away from Yahoo as possible? No way,not until those in govt who are working tirelessly to control the contents and the discussions held on such sites they deem a threat pass laws to do just that..noticed lately how many sites have been changing their privacy policies lately? Some big names..try again A-hole.

    • thermonuke Feb 24, 2012 4:15 PM Flag

      ret4ever There is 1 possible scenario to which I could offer a partial apology if it turns out true. When I copied the link to my post, it perhaps also copied my thread view settings as well, which may have then loaded on your end, but I doubt this scenario is the case or others would have experienced this as well.

    • ret4ever I do apologize for your mental retardation issue however there is nothing I can do for you, these are the sad facts of life.

      First, you brazingly accuse me of changing the settings on your computer for something that you did, an errant mouse click or the like. I have noticed that I experience a similar issue at home, on my Vista based PC. If you are running Vista, do as I am doing and get rid of it because it sucks.

      Second, you suggest that Yahoo Finance allows users to remotely access the computers of other users. that being the case, I do strongly suggest that folks, especially the mentally challenged type, stay far away from yahoo Finance.

      Third, that post was the first time I used my yahoo 'alias' as I have done so here again for you.

      In conclusion, you are found to be retarded, and angry at me for something I can not control, and yes I will be a @#$% to you for this treatment.

    • ret4ever Feb 24, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

      view this A-hole's message and this A-holes i.d. history.

    • ret4ever Feb 24, 2012 3:44 PM Flag

      Re: IRAN and 5 dollar gas 24-Feb-12 10:55 am

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    • ret4ever Feb 24, 2012 3:35 PM Flag

      oh,but i did observe that the link you posted in IRAN/OIL thread was posted by a new i.d. of yours that only had one comment of which your i.d. was made today..F'n A-hole

    • ret4ever Feb 24, 2012 3:27 PM Flag

      just a coincidence eh that i pressed on your link in the Iran/oil thread and in a second it went to the expanded version and stayed there in that position for all threads and their posts on this message board but others as am unable to replicate it without having each time to press on the expanded button each and every time i go to a new thread..btw-you wont find any shares on my puter cause i am not a trader,A-hole.

    • Great!!!!

    • very good maybe thats why they blasted the buying at 3.10 yesterday post the pattern i love the cross and its lent love it come to papa

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