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  • ormjds ormjds Jan 17, 2013 9:18 AM Flag

    Audio knows so much about everything

    Maybe God can get advice from audio on how to improve creation.....I am sure audio has a slew of problems with God too.

    Why is he here on this board? Why does he answer every ones posts all day long? Why does he care if he hates DRYS so much? Why does he stay here if GE is such a #$%$?

    The answer to these questions is he is a nut-job.

    He pretends to be a very educated person, but if your opinion is different than his he gets rude and insults you and your opinions.

    This is a chat board. It should welcome all info and thoughts, then each should think about what they read and use what they will.

    Audio has assumed he is lord and master of the chat board and tries to humiliate and harass any one with a different thought or opinion.

    I mean really.....who the heck is this guy?

    I make a lot of money trading DRYS. I love the stock and as long as I keep increasing my gains who cares about audio and his rude and crude and bossy remarks.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The buyer is back!

    • I know shipping. And I know these companies. I don't discuss anything else hardly at all. AS usual, you greatly exagerrate and lie.

    • he's a FART SMELLER

    • "He pretends to be a very educated person, but if your opinion is different than his he gets rude and insults you and your opinions."

      No, if your opinion is stupid and if you are rude, I give it back.

      "I make a lot of money trading DRYS. "

      I call BS. You have never shorted it and it has fallen from $131 to $2. You LOST money most likely and are lying.

      • 1 Reply to audiophul
      • Yes audio you are correct. I have never shorted DRYS. I am a simple investor. I don't like put/calls and the such. They can expire worthless and most often do.

        I wait for a basement low price and buy and hold till a rise above the purchase price. I followed DRYS all the way down to 4. Then after several years of watching and waiting I dipped in my toe.

        I would never pay 131...100..90...80..70..60..30..20....for any stock. I like low single digits. I like to try to pick the bottom, or as close as possible. I buy a sick amount so even 30 to 50 cents is a big score.

        Why is this so hard to understand.

        Of corse I spend years on the financials before I get in sometimes. As long as I feel BK is not in the cards I jump in at or near bottom.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • He's a broke #$%$**k who lost a bunch of money on DRYS when it crashed. There are people like that on every board.

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      • I use to trade DNDN regularly. I lost some money in the beginning and then I hung in there with the stock and made a baby fortune.

        I always went on the chat board. We all helped each other all day long. Whatever research one found he/she posted for all. We all posted all our research and thoughts and helped each other.

        That is what a chat board should do. Create friendships and share thoughts and info so we can all prosper.

        Not insult and try to humiliate any one who has a different slant.

        Audio has the right to disagree. But not to be rude and bossy and completely insulting.
        I usually like everybody. But, I am starting to completely dislike Audio.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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