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  • audiophul audiophul Mar 26, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    I love the way "investors" in shipping lie to themselves...

    Those who do two minutes research and think they got it handled. "Stocks are forward looking". LOL! Right. Then why are these ALL crashing back to earth? What do they "see" now that they didn't see a week or so ago as a group? Well, other than new "bigger fools" that is? Nothing. It was NOT investing, it was pump and dump. It was TV idiots proving they don't know the sector. Like Cramer saying no ship owners send vessels on voyages that lose money? No? How about EVERY trip EVERY cape and VLCC has taken over the past few months, Jimmy?

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    • Oh, look there's one NOW!.... " It IS a reasonable conclusion that the industry could see improvement from this point."

      No it isn't. Not if you do more than TWO minutes research. Unless you mean "SOMEDAY", some far off into the future DAY that means all you two bit gamblers were just WRONG since you and CRAMER mean SOON not someday. The industry is NOT at the bottom yet. The rebound will be VERY slow and VERY shallow. It will barely resemble a "rebound" for years. You rookies gambling on this sector with ZERO knowledge would not know this since you DO NOT do any research.

    • Frankly, the biggest fool looks alot like the guy in your mirror - and no that's not ethiopian sister standing behind you - it's just you. It takes two minutes to look at historical data. It IS a reasonable conclusion that the industry could see improvement from this point. Cramer's point is valid. Stocks go up and stocks go down in the short term - did you JUST figure that out? It is wisest to buy low and sell high? Is the industry low or high right now? Will the industry get better or worse over time? Really simple stuff.

    • It is funny how easy Cramer leads his sheep around by the nose.

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