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  • stoneyboloney05 stoneyboloney05 Sep 26, 2013 4:28 PM Flag

    Question... Responses welcomed!!

    So I purchased DRYS a while back... Late last year I believe, November or December.. My dad was watching Cramer's show one day and he was pumping DRYS and DSX, so he told me he thought it was a good buy.. Got in at 1.93, 3000 shares. I'm just a long term player, not a day trader, also bought 3000 shares of Sprint at 2.97 back over a year ago as well.. Of course, within a month or 2, it dropped down in the 1.70's or 1.60's I believe but I kept holding.. My hopefully plan is that both of these stocks become 20-30/per share in the next few 3-5 years at the minimum and at that point continue to invest with a larger amount of funds..

    In watching DRYS over almost a year, and following along on this board, I've seen it rise from where I bought it to 2.10-2.20ish, only to drop back down.. Especially during earning season.. It would rise to the build up and then drop after release.. So as many here say, it seems like a highly manipulated stock.. But over the last month, the rally has continued.. Many green days, followed by a down day, probably to scare the little guys like me off, but I saw the same thing during Sprints climb..

    So my question is, do many of you feel this time it's real, and in a few weeks when earnings report comes out, it will disappoint and shorters will emerge successful again? Or do you think it holds or continues to climb, or maybe even drops some from where we are now and then earnings is a hit and continues with its upward trend??? I'm up almost $6k since purchased and am tempted to use margin $$$ to buy more but dont want to see it drop down to previous levels and be screwed, even though I could always use a stop-loss order..

    Thank you for your time!!

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