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  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Oct 25, 2013 3:07 AM Flag

    Geo. thru Drys under bus, end of 2010!

    Drys should still own all of Orig!! Now, Drys stk holders can't even figure out how much, of Orig, they own! In 08, 09 + 2010!! Had all those bulkers leased at great rates. Should have been making great earnings! Those first 2 rigs were also reporting good earnings.. Lets forget about, maybe a Billion or two, doing a dissapearing act there!! In 08, 09 +10.. GE sold about 270M shrs of Drys stk into the mkt..Maybe averaged $5. a shr? Anouther $1.35B? Haven't even bothered to check, what debt was at end of 2010!! Probably already $2B to $3B?? What happened, to all that money?? Should have been enough money to have paid for at least 1st couple of rigs, coming in 2011? That is when GE thru Drys under the bus!! Thats actually when he broke Orig, away from Drys, for all practical purposes!! He sold 22% of Orig for $500M?? Took $100M credited it back to Drys for 4 options to buy additional rigs... Is anybody aware of all those subsidiaries Orig has?? And seems even ones, being set up.. Can use Orig stk, to obtain loans??? Read a few of Press Releases on Orig, pertaining to loans!!! You know how he's been able to do all this!! Does a lot of double talking, Never tells, where all that money, is going.. And people on this board, Just talk about BS!! The manipulators, could care less if anything they are posting is true or not, as long as they make them a little money... Sometimes, I wonder is Geo, paying them to post.. To distract, from what is really going on?? Actually, I think they are stupid enough, to do it for him, for free!

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    • If you pull up a few of those press releases on Orig..Try to figure out, what they are talking about, when lenders made them cut all covenants to Drys debt? And it seems, Orig and subsidiaries can pay dividends, amoungst themselve?? My take on all this.. Drys stk holders, basically paid for Orig? Now selling off Orig stk and additional Drys stk, Just to covering interest on all that debt!!! Yall may send him this additional $200M to go along with that last 80M shrs, (maybe $400M) he sold in 2011.. I'll pass.. Double talk! When selling this $200M worth of stk.. He didn't forget to mention, how well, those rigs were doing! Forgot to mention.. None of monies, can flow to Drys!! If you doubt that.. Read 1st qtr, earnings report!!! BTW: All of Drys past ER's are in Drys website.. Click onto Customer relations!!

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      • Here is interesting stk REE.. Actually in looking at it yesterday.. Reminded me of Drys, as they just had secondary iissue and got them $6M.. Ya Ya.. Chicken feed!! But seems handfull of those Canadians, obtained an old woreout mine in Colo.. Carried it public.. Think they got about $30M? For 5 yrs, been drilling holes, sending off samples to have them analyzed!! Oh yea, shows promise.. Got anouther feasibility study planned in few mths!! In mean time ain't never generated on penny in revenues.. Probably never will.. But talking about striking gold! When China said they were going to cut back on Rare Earth mining.. Rare earth sky rocketed.. REE, stands for Rare Earth Ent. That little no nothing stk, shot up to $18.. That hand full of Canadians may never find no gold, or rare earth, worth mining.. But they sure hit it rich!!! Oh yea, they had issued themselves a bunch of that stk, that all of a sudden, people, visualized, was worth something??? What is amazing!! Who, would have bought that $6M worth of stk in Sept, just to get ""Feasibility" test run once in a while?? But they are small fry, compared to ole GE!! When are people going to realize how much money is flowing here!! All those revenues, from those bulkers(O.K.) but they wern't always worthless!! Up thru 2011, they were doing fine!! Since beginning of 2011, rigs have generated maybe $2B! Since 2005.. Drys has sold at least $2B worth of thier stk. And now about $1B of Orig stk!! And whatever you do! Don't forget about the $5B that Drys and Orig have borrowed!! F a bunch of poor Canadians, with thier few million!!! They should have got into Drysbulking business!!! Lot more idiots, to fleece here!!! BTW: GEO, I consider myself an honest person!! And wouldn't do what you are doing.. But if these idiots want to keep throwing billions at you... Without checking to see where its going.. Keep taking it!! I assume you got legal issued covered, and can't be found guilty of anything, since you incorperated in Cyprus.

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