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  • john_lee_20032003 john_lee_20032003 Jan 7, 2014 8:22 AM Flag

    08:20 $ 4.06 30,000 Someone sold 30,000 shares in pre-market at $4.06

    Why would they sell in pre-market such a large block?

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    • They didn't sell. It was 30k on the buy side. The price was above the ask.

    • Drys didn't post BDI yesterday?? But audio and others posted them, later.. I didn't see figures till after mkt closed..He may not have seen the numbers till after mkt closed... Rates were down big time... Last 3 BDI reports.. Rates for Capes have dropped from $38K to $31K per day... Panamax and Supramax been dropping about as bad... Do you blame him for selling as soon as possible? We have same scenerio playing out now as when Drys dropped to $2.70 few wks ago! Geo selling and BDI falling at same time.. When BDI come off, last time, which was in last couple of mths.. In a couple of wks.. Capes dropped from $42k to $17K per day.. Panamax dropped from about $18K to under $10K.. We ain't sure what BDI will do.. But we do know GE is selling.. And in rising interest rate environment, with all Drys debt.. Seems like getting $4.06 for stk, is a gift... Then he may have realized what a stk is really worth.. That outstanding stk is between 400M-450M shrs.. Generating $300M a yr in revenues, upwards of $2B debt.. Just to keep lenders from the door.. Last yr, to handle debt problems.. Sold like $186M of that Orig stk.. Pledged some more shrs to lenders. And now dilution.. Did I mention.. They only generated about $300M in revenues in 2013...

    • what someone bought pre market???

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