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  • rd_thompson rd_thompson Feb 26, 2014 9:43 AM Flag

    Tell us why DRYS 'should' rise

    What has or is happening that will cause DRYS to rise?

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    • you know, DRYS SHOULD rise based on improving shipping rates, more stable world economies, and stable supply, and ORIG bottom line. It will continue to be restrained until CEO announces completion of ATM.
      George should go ahead and allow the damned ATM to be fulfilled before the general market makes a significant correction, which is likely to occur regardless of overall economy. He only needs to sell about 25million shares. Then if the company is in as good shape as he says it is we will see significant PPS increase. Until then I dont touch my core but will make very short term trades (long only)

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    • In reading replies!! Nothing but hogwash! Drys generated $311M in revenues, last yr.. And lost $223M.. Read earnings report! And since first of yr.. Rates for bulkers have collapsed.. Check BDI.. And those Panamax are Drys main concern.. And rates for them, just continue to fall.. Things are getting worse for Drys, Period!! As for China.. Banks are in crisis mode! Writing off uncollectable loans.. And trying to figure out what to do with other bad loans.. Be at least 2 yrs, before China get feet back on the ground.. Let alone start running... Unless things change? Loses will just keep adding to debt.. Higher debt goes.. More Drys will lose.. How long can Drys survive losing that kind of money? And higher credit risk goes.. More they charge, if they will even lend you any more money? That Orig stk, Drys owns, is about only asset above water.. And they done pledged part of that to lenders.. We don't know how much?? As. GE left us hanging in 2nd qtr.. When pledging more to lenders, to postpone debt payments.. Seems, he forgot to mention it in 3rd and 4th qtr... Don't think Drys debt couldn't be lot more than that $1.7B they report? May not be reporting debt moved out till later dates?? Let that Orig stk drop to $10.. We may find out, if Drys has any value??? In mean time.. Oil prices are holding up well.. Orig should be fine.. But do have $4B debt, that just keeps going up! And haven't got a new contract signed, since last July, when oil was higher??

    • Look at book value of assets. Separate DRYS from ORIG as they are consolidated in the DRYS books. On asset/debt values, DRYS - ORIG = shipping sector.
      Shipping sector has been negatively valued for a while now. DRYS is the only company of the companies that will survive - I don't think anyone is doubting that now with the shipping sector recovery.
      So right now, there is heavy bankruptcy risk still being placed on the shipping segment.
      But as that is eliminated, DRYS price will naturally go up. When the shipping sector recovers, assets values increase, thereby eliminating any debt covenants or risks of bankruptcy.

      I'm not going to do your research for you, big boys can calculate their own values.
      They had negative earnings only because of selling ships at a loss. Big whoop.

    • based on my own estimate of the reported potash to be shipped soon it is 40 barge loads. if I am anywhere near correct we are on the verge of panic leasing of barges and a move to test the highs in the bdiy. it snot the only reason. I have a lot of shares of several shippers and see drys as a double in 2014 chart wise . bashers will attack this guestimate but if the Chinese want to eat they need fertilizer and corn and there are over a billion chinese who eat daily

    • The shipping sector does well when the "world economy" is performing well. Now that Europe as a whole is doing better this sector will take off as more things (iron ore, oil, wheat, & coal) are consumed by people that want to be more capitalistic like Americans and buy things. Basic supply and demand of the shipping rates will rise because of what I just pointed out. The rates dropped from $40K down to $8K because of the Chinese people going on holiday for their New Year. People from that country are going back to work and things will normalize with the shipping rates continuing to rise ~$1K per day until supply and demand are closer matched (around $40K). Be patient longs! This is a $10 stock in a few months! Don't get frightened by these "headfakes" that the mutual fund managers create when they drop the stock price sharply!

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