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  • yrubinek yrubinek Jun 16, 2012 7:49 AM Flag

    Zolpimist patient annual expecess

    $75 (Zolpimist selling price) * 12 (months) = $900 annual patient annual expecess.

    assuming 10,000 annualy users ...

    Zolpimist annual income = 10,000 * 900 = $9,000,000.

    15% will goes to NVDL = $1,350,000

    The numbers could be much bigger if HITK to promote Zolpimist aggresivelly.

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    • Insomnia is the second most common medical complaint after pain. Based on MedTRACK and SLEEP IN AMERICA POLL, Americans spent over $7 billion on prescription sleep aids in 2008, there are 70 million sufferers in America.

      Zolpimist and Nitromist are well designed drugs.

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      • Zolpimist should be generating more revenue right now.
        Zolpimist is both very safe and very effective.
        Zolpimist is NOT promoted or advertised, if it is then tell us where.

        More medical insurance companies are now covering the costs for patients using Zolpimist
        so that is a great thing.

        Zolpimist is comparable to Ambien which is taken in the pill form so it should be generating an equal oreven higher revenue stream than the Ambien pill does.

        7 billion dollars per year in sleep aids if that figure is correct is a huge market potential for many millions of dollars in revenue.