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  • toppedout2000 toppedout2000 Feb 11, 2013 10:11 AM Flag


    Read these messages about Suda/Nvdl

    Seems like Suda does not have the cash to make a good deal for Nvdl.

    "Is this a joke? We have a company with no cash, whose only source of funding is presently death spiral finance from Bergen and we're spending money on DD for an acquisition. Am I the only one concerned about this? Every bit of DD we perform requires funding, which at the moment is dilutive.

    I don't doubt the need to create a trail of future IP-sources but seriously how can we even consider a $10m+ acquisition when we're not even worth that ourselves at the moment.

    How about management (a) focus on resolving all the issues associated with getting the report out ASAP, (b) start lining up trade buyers or banging the drum, and (c) steady the leaking ship. The current team is turning into a total joke, losing focus and in danger of blowing this ship up (which is clearly what PP is after)."

    "The Novadel sp has been falling of late and I don't think we can read anything into the price action.....

    The volumes are so small and at the end of the day, I really hope it's a bad deal for Novadel as it will mean a good deal for Suda.

    As you point out novadel'sfinancial position is not good so hopefully we can get a good deal.

    I'm expecting it to cost suda something less than $10m fwiw"

    "NovaDel are really in a bind as far as their finances are concerned. They desperately need a sale to stay afloat....maybe a cash plus royalties may suit both parties."

    "G'day kippax

    The Novadel deal has been on my mind alot lately.

    Hopefully the DD is successful and we get some news soon.

    I will be fascinated to hear how much it costs and how we fund it.

    FYI I'm pretty sure it's the year of the snake this year. :)"

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    • "Agreed

      The Novadel announcement about the deal with SUDA came out quite a while after SUDA ancounced it!

      I have been giving this deal alot of thought and the fact that Novadel have actually managed to get two products to market does really validate the technology and IP platform.

      If SUDA can purchase these rights quite cheaply (and IMO it will be under $10m - $15m MAX), then it really is a great deal for us and im confident the market wil agree.

      IMO none of this is in the share price currently."

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