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  • leonia5pbb leonia5pbb Feb 21, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

    Bankruptcy will NEVER happen here, here is why it will NOT ( NVDL )

    1)... if NVDL was going to go bankrupt why would the 5% holders of this stock who are holding 61 million shares not sell any shares the past 2 years? They are holding 38% of all the shares. Many stocks that have even a hint of bankruptcy are dumped by insiders and 5% holders, that is a fact.
    Even Ratoff did not sell any of his shares.

    2)... WHY would NVDL do a deal with the company "Rechon" which promises a constant revenue stream from each item sold. Find out about the Rechon deal.

    3)... Why would NVDL do a SEC Confidential Treatment Filing less than 1 year ago that applies through the year 2016? NVDL hinted at bankruptcy several weeks before that SEC Filing was done and never did any bankruptcy. Why would they do a bankruptcy now or in the future?

    4).... Why would NVDL totally give up on "Duromist" which could earn many millions of dollars in NEW revenue for NVDL. In clinical trials Duromist has been shown to be very safe and effective so why give up on it now when it could be considered equal to or better than Viagra in pill form? Viagra in pill form generates more than 80 million dollars per year so why not Viagra in spray form? Many people have difficulty swallowing pills and even if no difficulty a spray would be preferable. Do people here know about the recent Viagra patent loss in Canada and the great opportunity for NVDL to take advantage of it with "Duromist"?

    5).... Why would a company with only a 6 million dollar debt generating several hundred thousand dollars per year from 2 FDA approved drugs and with a market cap of only 2 million dollars feel the need to declare bankruptcy instead of forming a partnership or getting bought out? Have you see the debt of other companies?

    6)...Zolpimist should be selling better and generating more revenue especially considering the fact that it has gotten expanded medical insurance coverage meaning that patients pay a very low amount of money to use it. Zolpimist has been shown to be very safe and very effective and has had high ratings from its users. Why give up on this drug by declaring bankruptcy with a drug that will only bring in more revenue in the future?

    7)...NVDL has several very significant patents that another pharma could find valuable so could have a buyout of NVDL or partnership instead of bankruptcy.

    8)...Yahoo Finance has a 1 dollar price target for NVDL. That makes sense when you consider that the float here is only 77-78 million shares after the 61 million shares are subtracted from the 138 million shares. Those 61 million shares that the 5% holders of this stock own. If you think 77 million shares is high look at ACTC a pharma stock with more than 2 Billion shares. If you think 6 million dollars in debt is high look at other stocks and their debts.

    *****Desperate paid bashers here want you to think that there is no hope here and there is nothing except gloom and doom here. With a share price of under 2 cents now this stock presents a great buying opportunity for tremendous upside potential in price in my opinion based on what I listed above about it. Those lowlifes have been posting for 2 years about this company having "no cash" and "the company is totally broke" and they will continue to post that because paid bashers want you to sell or not buy shares. 2 years ago those lowlifes like tallijerk, indiansfan and toppedout were posting the same exact garbage as they are doing today.

    NVDL is very UNDER-valued right now with only a 2 million dollar market cap.

    No better time to buy than now.

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