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  • leonia5pbb leonia5pbb Mar 14, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    The 3 Lowlife bashers here claim that I "lie" when they are the ONLY ones doing the "LYING" here

    Tallijerk, toppedout and smlcapbr1 are total CON-artists and LIARS.

    I have posted information contained in SEC Filings concerning the Rechon deal, the Confidential Treatment Filing, the amount of shares owned by insiders and 5% holders of this stock and other things but those 3 lowlifes totally dismiss what I post here while they also mock and taunt me like the real lowlife #$%$ that they are.

    They (toppedout, tallijerk and smlcapbry1) should all be very proud of themselves bashing this stock and totally obsessed with trying to dismiss important facts that I post here about this stock.

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    • Because all you do is lie or cut and paste irrelevant #$%$ from 2 years ago. This is a finished company that has only 1 employee and he is sticking around to suck every penny out of before it's finished. It's over ScoobyMoron...

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      • Get lost tallijerk, everybody who wanted to sell already sold so you are wasting your time.
        You and your bashing buddies smlcapbyr1 and toppedout are also wasting their time here bashing this stock as if anybody really cares about your bashing lies.

        If I did not respond to those 3 lowlife bashing #$%$ then nobody would as nobody is now except me.

        Nobody will sell so keep bashing and keep wasting your time here bashing a 1 cent stock and then you pretend that you are here posting because of what I post here. I did not know that I was so important in your miserable and pathetic lives that you would have to waste even 1 minute of your time worrying about what I post here, yeah you toppejerk, tallijerk, smacapbry1idiotswine.

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