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  • airwolf1980 airwolf1980 Jul 3, 2009 9:48 PM Flag

    Krusty WOLF and Yahoo

    trajan "the wrong" said "Interesting that Yahoo removed Wolf and Krusty targeting some poor guy. wolf provided contact information and Krusty made threats."

    trajan, have you ever posted anything that has been correct. when did yahoo remove me?

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    • They removed the post on XJT site that you made TARGETING some poor guy in Arizona you stupid old fool.

      How stupid can you be to list someones personal info on a public site like this? Are you completely removed from reality?

      I am done replying to you. Get lost. You are completely worthless. What a pathetic excuse of person you are. I hope that you have some medical condition like Alzheimers that would make you do something so retarded. I certainly hope that the person that you posted personal info online will press charges against you even if Yahoo continues to allow you to post.

      Then you attempt to solicit KRUSTY to CHECK it out? You have ZERO business flying a plane if that is in fact what you do. Yahoo should report you to DAL management.

      Scary to even imagine you with peoples lives in your hands.
      What a pathetic joke you are and always have been.

      You display VERY poor decision making skills.

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