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  • william_thomson May 17, 2010 12:38 AM Flag

    intersting perpective on mergers

    any alliance will put a severe strain on the present mainland capacity. HA needs to tread carefully here! it;s getting tough enough to get a reservation right now, and alaska's lousy quality , only moves more folks to HA !!

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    • I just wonder how long it will take for investment community to realize how stars are lining up for hawaiian air?
      1. Oil is down.
      2. Ash cloud is not affecting hawaiian negatively.
      3. Ash is affecting European travel, which will shift asian and even US tourism towards Hawaii, some numbers already show Japanese travel increasing.
      4. Oil spill will affect Mexico, Florida and east coast tourism, once again, chance for Hawaii to pick up the slack.
      5. Haneda - not too many words needed for that event. Up to 100Mil a year route award..
      6. Short position increased. Squeeze coming.
      7. Minimal competition for inter island flights.
      8. Union contracts locked in.
      9. Industry consolidation, possible deals with LUV JBLU or AAI, or if ALK or LCC will be bought that will be very positive for HA.
      10. #1 in the industry in multiple categories.

      Anyone care to pitch in?
      What did I miss?

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      • Everything you say is true. Hawaiian is one of the best airline experiences in the country. It is slowly (way to slowly) inching up. I think the next step of more flights to Asia will put it on more investors radar and at some point it will pop.
        Hard to believe, but I remember back in the late 80's when Hemmeter made a 50 dollar per share offer and the stock jumped to $48! This was a time when all they had was the name. The airline itself was broke and heavily leveraged, their service was so so and they had a fleet of aging DC-8'8, L-1011's old DC-9's and Dash-7's. Even before Hemmeters offer the stock traded in the teens. Go figure.

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