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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine Oct 14, 2009 12:58 PM Flag

    Breaking down

    Technically this thing looks almost as bad as the company itself. It cannot get to any higher level, recently bottomed at a buck. If it breaks below that level, I could see .88 in pretty short order, then who knows how low she goes?

    Gotta be a scary proposition for anyone holding a large block of this crud.

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    • So when you say "Give us a break, listen to what WE have to say," is that coming from an insider's point of view or why did you state it that way? Just curious.

    • will the chinese move in on ncel and buy them up-or evan partner with them to boost their overall output?

    • With all due respect, this stock going up or down a $1 is meaningless. Management still needs power agreements and financing before they can stand up wind towers. You would be smart to acquire this stock now at this great price so you are positioned for a nice profit when the towers are stood up. If you doubt managements resolve, or the resolve of investors who have been here for months (or years as it may be) then do some due diligence and research the wind market.

      What you will find is that if you are serious about investing in wind power, you want to be invested in companies that are standing up wind farms in premium wind corridors that have close proximity to establshed power grid connections. Both of which are true when speaking of Nacels Texas projects.

      Of course, you would know this if you did some research. Give us a break, listen to what we have to say. If you don't agree, then cya later. If you do agree, then acquire the stock and know that there is no other time in history that wind has ever had a better chance at success than with this current president and the approaching Bull Market.

      IMO, market sentiment is bullish, in the ocming months financing will be easier to get, and NCEN projects will continue to develope. IMO, government regulations over the next couple years will mandate the use of green power. Wind produced power will emerge and become mainstream. Wind power profits will be made. NCEN PPS will rise. That is when I plan to sell my NCEN shares.

    • Congratulations, are you going to sell now for a 100% gain, or wait until it goes back to .40?

    • If you are so pleased with yourself.... and deplicting the demise of Nacel Energy, why not
      move on to another stock board and make them miserable then.

      Good grief! Get a life.

    • Wow-well said.

      Your analysis is worthy of an HR major's homework in their first Finance class...meaningless.