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  • bumgag bumgag Feb 27, 2014 2:41 PM Flag

    Long Term view

    10 years ago CAG stock closed at $ it will close around $28.25. Pity the long term shareholder.Going forward there is no reason to believe the performance will be any different. The CEO has been on board since 2006, paid tens of millions of dollars in salary and bonus for having acomplished nothing. The BOD almost defies comment. Four othem have been around ten years. Another five for five years. Done nothing.
    A few years ago an investment fund had a seat on the BOD but gave up Could not get anything productive done.
    One of our posters says he likes the revenue growth. Are you kidding me. Since 2000 it has been straight downhill until recently with the RAL acquisiton which is a disaster.
    I feel remorse for the long term eployees who were looking forward to gains from stock options to fund retirement/. The guys at the top have taken care of themselves. The guys in the middle are out of luck.
    Finally, don't look for any near term change. The BOD is dead in the water.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • sad but true...this company stinks on ice....they have missed every good opportunity to grow and chose unwisely when they buy....only a Carl Icahn or Loeb could help us here...this BOD sucks, this CEO has not changed the culture....only a shareholder revolt and firing squad can save us....

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      • Well in that case I bought today! Maybe in ten years it will double after the revolt. And for the 3.5% dividend, I'll buy You a cold beer. Investyourbuck!

      • Bill Ackman, George Soros or a Carlyle or. .. When companies get this over done the value fund managers AND leveraged B/O guys start taking notice and adding on shares which leads them as a group to pressure management to execute better. So then the nice job Ackman did breaking up the conglomerate of Alex and Baldwin and how the shareholders who did not stick around too long made a nice gain. So the company NOT the management built that 2012 stock chart? The distributions in the stock are starting to fall to strong hands. It will become increasingly difficult to bid up this dividend distribution rate. A $25 handle will get me to double my 75 shares/65 just bought and the 10 just place holder shares to keep my attention to the company that I made a lot of money in in 2012.Where have the values of other ags themes like LNN, ADM & AGGZF "BEEN" on their 4 year charts?

        Sentiment: Buy

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