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  • penthouse5_naples_florida penthouse5_naples_florida Mar 4, 2014 12:09 PM Flag



    Consumers don't want to consume CANCER causing nitrates. Hebrew National (a Conagra Company) makes top quality salami and hot dogs and could easily leave out the Nitrates. C'mon fella's! How about helping out humanity and simply dropping the Nitrates, huh! Like everyone else, you answer ultimately to a "higher authority", no?

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    • Good idea...if the product does not suffer in taste. i use Hebrew dogs, like them. They cost a dollar or two more than store brands and Oscar M. etc. There are some hot dogs that are watery. tasteless, and fatty. They sell it seems to those on a very tight budget.

    • NEWS FLASH...CAG management is considering the possibility of producing frozen "TV" dinners in response to the burgeoning popularity of home television viewing since the beginning of the Korean War ...When advised that this is the year 2104, CAG management issued a statement saying they were confident the war in Korea will end soon and that they are looking forward to a robust market in frozen Asian dinners to satisfy the tastes of returning GI's....When asked about joining the move to low sodium, no nitrates, natural and organic foods, CAG's board fell silent as secretaries searched for a dictionary..."We are always reviewing new opportunities in the marketplace, a spokesperson finally said, " Even the most far fetched or exotic product may become the next century's Slim Jim. If, one day in the distant future, as improbable as it may sound, people begin to show an interest in "healthier" foods, we will conduct further studies, assuming of course, the Korean War is not over by then."

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