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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Jun 13, 2014 10:46 PM Flag

    I had to laugh... that statement on OMED's website:

    "To support the advancement of our clinical-stage candidates and our continued discovery efforts through commercialization, OncoMed has assembled a proven management team with expertise in oncology research, drug discovery, clinical development, translational medicine, regulatory affairs, and commercial development. In addition, we have established a strong patent portfolio protecting our novel anti-CSC candidates, as well as our platform R&D technologies. We have formed strategic alliances with Celgene Corporation, Bayer Pharma AG and GlaxoSmithKline. Since our founding in August 2004, we have raised approximately $622 million, consisting of a blend of equity financings, including an Initial Public Offering, and collaboration funding from our pharmaceutical partnerships."

    Wow! I'm impressed! So how many drugs have you got on the market? "Uhhhhhhh...none."

    Ooookay! Well, how many have you got in phase 3? "Uhhhhhhh...none."

    Well, then, how about in phase 2? "Welllllllll...none! But, by golly, we got a sh_tload in phase 1!!!!"

    Hmmmmm...let's review...10 YEARS..."proven management team"..."strategic alliances"...622 MILLION dollars...and they've actually managed to initiate some phase 1 studies? Well, hallelujah!

    And the wheels on the biotech bus go round and round...round and round...HAW!

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    • Did you stop for a second to ask yourself why would heavy weights like GSK, Bayer and CELG enter into collaboration agreements with OMED? The science is novel and very promising. For me, I relied on CELG due diligence on OMED before I invested. For CELG to pay $155 million upfront with potential milestones exceeding $3.4 billion speaks volumes. If you shorted at $19 on Friday, cover your short and move on. Most of us here know exactly what we got into and understand OMED's potential fully. Do not waste your time here.

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      • "...why would heavy weights..." ??? mean kinda like the deal GSK signed with Exelixis back in 2005 to develop XL184, XL281, XL228, XL820, and XL844?...and which GSK TERMINATED three years later?...

        ...or the deal EXEL signed with Genetech to develop notch inhibitors in 2005?...that's right, norch inhibitors! that time EXEL had ALREADY been working on the notch pathway for EIGHT YEARS!...did you know that one of the founders of EXEL -- Dr. Artavanis-Tsakonas -- is one of the big guns in notch research; you can google his name to find his notch lab at Harvard...

        ...after you do that, go over to EXEL's website and read about their current partners...won't see no Genentech...won't see no mention of notch anywhere...but they still got a BUNCH of other partners though...

        ...EXEL even has an APPROVED drug!...yessir, cometriq started on the market in the first quarter of 2013...last quarter EXEL reported revenues of a whopping 4.9 MILLION dollars from cometriq...and GSK gets a whopping THREE per cent of that!...whoo-boy!...GSK better build a bigger vault for its loot, huh?...

        ...and where does EXEL trade?...currently around $3.50 a share! typo there -- THREE dollars and fifty CENTS per share!...which it reached after a near constant DECLINE from $45 (yes, FORTY FIVE dollars) per share back in 2000...and now an EXEL shareholder can point proudly to his whopping twenty five CENTS a share in equity...ahhhhh, who would've dreamed of such enrichment...

        ....BUT!...did all that success stop EXEL from doing a secondary in January for $8 a share?...why, no!...can't ever have too much cash, right?...but curious how that secondary came just a couple of months before EXEL announced results of an interim analysis of one of their trials, and which resulted in EXEL's stock tanking to three bucks a share...

        ...anyway...did I answer your question, by hte way?

    • OMED to the low teens

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • You sir are a complete IDIOT! Good DaY!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I had to laugh...
      At the utter ignorance of your post. I haven't seen one like this in awhile so congrats, you are now village idiot on Yahoo.
      What do you think biotech is? How did companies Amgen, Gentech, Merck, Eli Lily (the list goes on) get started in the BIO world, "uhhhhhhhh...with Phase 1 studies" "uhhhhhhhhhh...with investment money"
      Here I'm going to help you out and give you a research project and after you're done with it, you look in the mirror at that stupidfkinface of yours, and realize that you sounded like a 3rd maybe 4th grader on this previous post of yours. First in class vs best in class. "uhhhhhhh.....

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      • Oh, look, another DA that wants to argue with me...a quick history review:

        Amgen: Founded 1983 -- epogen approved 1989 -- neupogen approved 1991 -- enbrel approved 1998...

        Genentech: Founded 1976 synthetic insulin approved 1982 somatrem approved 1985 activase approved 1987 actimmune approved 1990 nutropin approved 1993 pulmozyme approved 1993 rituxan approved 1997 herceptin approved ten MORE that have been approved since then...

        Oncomed: Founded 2004 Drugs approved NONE Drugs in phase 3 NONE Drugs in Phase 2 NONE

        Timeline for appproval of ANY Oncomed drugs -- what, another TEN YEARS maybe? That is, IF any get approved since the the approval chances are likely one out of a hundred or MORE!

        And all the while management rakes in big salaries, benefits, bonuses, and perks while stockbrokers stuff investor mailboxes with hype, and what do shareholders get? Promises and secondary offerings out the old wazoo!

        Like I said -- and the wheels on the biotech bus go round and round, round and round...

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