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  • bronkonagurski1908 bronkonagurski1908 Aug 26, 2009 10:19 AM Flag

    Money to flow back into AMAG now

    It looks like we just went through a "grass is greener" phase. Money managers thought they could sell some AMAG and utilize the funds elsewhere....I think that trade is over now. Biotech/biopharm will attract cash flows again. We are not rebounding sharply from this mini-depression because too many people are just too stupid to manage their own finances. Go buy an new car.....AND take on more debt---YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FREAKING DEBT!!!??? How about the US government?? Can we print dollars to inflate our way out of this debt debacle?

    Can anyone name me one single society that printed money at such a rate/took on anywhere near our debt levels and prospered?? We are in for a long slow recovery and everyone needs to adjust their "standard of living".

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    • Buy gold. Inflation is already starting. Gas prices are up, and (although the cost of any package of food might be the same) the price per ounce is going up, meaning the amount of food in a package is decreasing. You're right, can't print two trillion dollars without deflating its value.

    • That's my much younger sister. She had to have the house of her dreams a few years ago and now she is probably underwater by...$200k.

      I'm really tired of worrying about people who have behaved like children when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

      You DO NOT have to have everything right now. Try saving for something, it is much more satisfying to pay in cash. Perhaps that's the problem, people need to keep buying's too easy.


    • You got it tightwads are more successful-now tell it to my daughter who wants everything----LOL

      She doesn't get it all, but she keeps trying!


    • agreed bronk! I retired May 2007 sold the big house live frugally now at the shore in a modest home, cut my property taxes from $5000/year to $800/year! No new cars since The 2005 Jeep for mamma and I bought back my 2006 Van from my company and my son drives it now! I have taken debt as low as I know how and I INVEST in what I think I know best....BIO_PHARMA!


      check out this news from NICE(the bastids)!

      * Appeal over use of kidney cancer drugs rejected

      * Roche says NICE decision "entirely illogical"

      LONDON, Aug 26 (Reuters) - Britain's healthcare cost-effectiveness watchdog has rejected an appeal to make three drugs available to kidney cancer patients on the state National Health Service (NHS), angering drugmakers and patients.

      Only Pfizer's medicine Sutent will be reimbursed on the NHS, with Roche's Avastin, Bayer's Nexavar and Wyeth's Torisel all passed over.

      The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) said on Wednesday that the evidence to support the use of the other treatments was not strong enough to justify using NHS funds, which could be spent on other treatment programmes.

      It, therefore, turned down an appeal for the use of the drugs from Roche, Wyeth and three cancer patient groups.

      NICE first caused a furore a year ago when it said "no" to all four of the expensive new medicines for advanced or metastatic kidney cancer, before later relenting on Sutent.

      John Melville, general manager of Roche UK, said the decision was "entirely illogical".

      The case highlights the tough choices that NICE has to make when deciding which drugs are worth offering to patients and which are too expensive.

      For the last 10 years, the NICE has led the world in assessing the cost-effectiveness of drugs. Similar bodies are now springing up in other countries as payers seek a rational way to decide whether pricey new drugs for cancer and other complex disorders are worth using. (Reporting by Ben Hirschler; editing by Karen Foster)

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      • Frank:

        Everyone should read "The Millionaire Next Door" and come to grips with reality. You don't need a new car every 3 years. Just because Derek Jeter can afford Rolex watches DOES not mean you can too. You do not NEED a 5 bedroom 3.5 bath home just because your idiot friend bought one.

        Our entire society NEEDS to feel some pain. Frankly, I don't think we have felt it yet.

        I own my home, own my cars. My friends and family call me a tightwad..and I love it. I think I'm simply living as a realist.

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