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  • genedocteur61 genedocteur61 Jul 21, 2011 7:16 AM Flag

    Narachi Needs to Go

    First he ruins Orexigen and now AMAG. He is a failure and Brian's long time friend. This merger means that NO ONE wants to buy AMAG. The Board is in bed with the CEO and this is well known. How about some leadership and replace the CEO now to get this mess under control? Institutional investors are furious.

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    • agreed that Narachi is pretty lame...I wrote to him once w/ no response, and copied all my email to BP also to him but nothing!

      He does seem to have a stranglehold on the AMAG team and BP protects him but I must again say that from AMAGs pov, this is a sweet deal!

      If it passes SEC muster and the votes are assured imo due to low reatil less than 12%, I see this as slam dunk! The .1282 to ALTH sh's is pretty weak but its based on ALTH w/ rr PTCL lmt indication w/ lots of competition from CELG and ISTADOX just approved so if ALTH could get PTCL above and beyond rrPTCL, and CTCL and EU, all Label addittions than mor money to sh's etc!

      ...but ALTH does NOT have those things....yet?

      Thats the risk play and reason why not a higher BID, so I think we MAY see a KICKER which will be based on ALTH getting those things and sh's COULD be compensated based on a timeline of events like EU approval by Q-4 close?!

      Now that being said, AMAG will NOT want to pay that out and wants to steal this co. and by the looks of it to me just did!

      I own ALTH too...this hurts me..but I need to pic my poisson and the lesser evil for me, is AMAG wins!

      I need $19 on AMAG on the day of settlement to be whole on my 19,926 shares of ALTH but if u iggits think I will vote NO or enjoin a LS over this u r crazy!I see ALTH bouncing back up quickly in the 2s and on its way to 2.45 where it will settle and stay flat by a penny sread till we close!

      U morons who hold ALTH should have bought it yesterady like I did at 5K @ 1.92!

      I need AMAG, and Narachi/BP to do this deal as it will all fall to my AMAG bottom line and of my two bets amag and alth, thats where my greatest risk lies!

      ...hows that AFFY working for u doc?


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