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  • edmundaronson edmundaronson Jul 13, 2010 4:21 PM Flag

    Bloomberg guest pump!!!

    seabridge is only packaging these properties and never intends to develope-a road and some power takes alot moreto be a mine -i just sold my small position just purchased till i got a better handle on this stock but you remind me of a basher with aggenda-time to do more homework

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    • I own no Seabridge but do have it watch listed.

      Your remark about the, more it takes to be gold mine(r), is a spot on observation in terms of what GBG has accomplished against all the continuous dilution over the last 5 years.

      My agenda is that there are cold callers out there dropping little hints to investors they cold call off computer generated lists. They tell you just enough ingformation so that with a little Googleing , you can easily discover the stock.

      Their hope is that you might buy it . Usually with in 1 or two days of that side ways solicitation the company will announce a BDF or some serious negative guidance.

      My agenda, I like most legit investors is that I don't like professional traders and manipulators trading these small cap stocks short term just to suck the equity out of them. That of course greatly disadvantages the long term investor who has a sense from his DD that the stock has a good story.

      I own no GBG and have lost no money in it. I prefer the gold PRODUCERS that are pouring dore bars instead of talking about WHEN they will start pouring Dore bars at Esmerelda. My three current favorites all rapidly increasing CURRRENT already operating production, are MEAOF, KGILF,& PAL PAL which mines and produces palladium as a SIDELINE business to it's gold mining operations. Claude resources also looks interesting to me. Over lay a 1yr of Claude witha 1 year chart of GBG. You will see...

    • I hope I am wrong about the company and the stock price. If the POG rises significantly then I will be. If it stays in this area then the stock should be in its trading range. I will be taking a break from posting for awhile as I find that I am too negative.

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