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  • csecomm csecomm Mar 14, 2012 4:41 PM Flag

    IT will take years

    for GBG to turn it's share price around. I'm just going to forget I even own this one and check back in a year or two. I can always sell and use the loss to offset taxes.

    I believe eventually they will become profitable, but not anytime soon!

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    • I believe GBG will become profitable at some point as well. However there is nothing to make this stock rally right now: gold is down, Ferdi and management have lost all credibility and new buyers will be very wary.
      I fully expect a reverse stock split soon (perhaps 10 to 1). They did it before (5;1)way back and they will do it again...

    • GBG was down 6% today, but all the juniors were down today: GDXJ -4.95%, consisting of (top 5 holdings): AGI -3.75%, SVM -3.13%, PRU -7.79%, NSU -6.49%, MFL -2.22%. Higher dollar, less Chinese demand, rising fuel price, lower gold prices, all hit the juniors hard today. GLD is still up 5% in 2012, hard to believe. GDXJ is still up 1.9% YTD. GBG is down 14.4% YTD. I think GBG will bottom out in the $0.64 to $0.58 range, maybe in a couple months around the middle of May when Q1 earnings are reported.

    • and now we poor slob shareholders have to rescue the ghetto segment "owners" out off their insolvency. They bring nothing to the table and eat for free. What else can go wrong with this mismanaged so-called mining company. What a joke!

    • The share price is lower now than the peak of the financial collapse in March 2009.

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