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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Jul 17, 2008 2:59 PM Flag

    Ive never seen drops like this before

    I own KWK, ATPG, BQI and PBR and my portfolio is getting smoked. Sure all these stocks are screaming bargains. But what do you do when you have no more money to buy when the bottom comes in. I cannot believe that as hot as energy stocks were, they are dumping oil and gas stocks as if the president announced we found a substitute for oil that will be implemented immediately!!!! I bet even in the 29 crash, stocks never went down like this! How can I have lost 31% of my portfolio in like 1 month? I feel so sorry for people on margin, some might have lost their life savings. And home builders went up like 18% in 2 days!!! This market isnt manipulated? Yeah, ok.

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    • Just hang on. These things happen. Nat. gas is in big demand. Its not being replaced. Elections coming and some manipulation are expected. And just for the record Boone Pickens is pushing nat. gas for autos. Don't forget hurricane season is coming soon too. And then after that, winter. And remember we use 4x more nat. gas in winter than summer. So just wait it out, you don't want to sell low.

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      • thanks golf. Problem is I need whats in my account to live on and now theres not much to take out. Yuh gotta realize, many people have their life savings in the market, and its not enough to where a 30% loss wouldnt keep them up at night. Sure if I owned 1 million dollars of KWK and my account went down to 666k, I would nt care. But I dont. Anyway, your right. I hate being a buy and holder, buy they aint getting my shares at this price! Good luck to us all.


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