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  • pwalsh67 pwalsh67 Apr 17, 2009 3:41 PM Flag

    Don't know why this continues to go up with natural gas falling.

    I'm at the break even point with this stock right now. I originally bought around 10. I started buying on the way down and ended up with 1100 shares. My cost average is right around were it is trading now. Should I hang on to this or dump and buy something else? I like RIG. Would appreciate some of your thoughts!

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    • cnx 50 in 2 months

    • Well, I wish you well in KWK if you really own the shares as you say. I just bought today at the close, after comparing UNG ,CHK and KWK for MONTHS. I am under water with UNG, after holding through the winter, but I sure as hell ain't selling now!

      I learned my lesson, that weather doesn't trump a plummeting economy! I will ride it out now.

      I think energy stocks are being manipulated down, just as they were on the way up. I know weather, but I don't know how to predict this market manipulation.

      I just know that "they" will take NG back up again, at some point! I'd hoped Obama and Boone Pickens would've helped the sector more by now, but our day will come again before you know it. Maybe an early start to hurricane season? Lol.

    • this stock is goin up because it has been artificially DOWN due to concerns about their debt load, and the banks review of their debt in the month of MAY, first part of may i think.
      well this stock has had recently HIGH insider buying, suggesting to me that there will be no concerns about the May bank review of their debt situation. lets say that that is all true. I figured we go from a low of $4 something to $8 to $10. well we are almost there NOW!
      with NG demand estimates lowering daily, and inventory over-flowing the only near term play with this stock IS this concern about the banks review in MAY. I think its clear, with 80+% of the NG HEDGED (at a good price) there's little UPSIDE to this stock for the next 2 years. JUST this bounce that is focusing on KWK's ability to financially survive. I think the hedges and the level of production(reduced/measured) and the very good management team, KWK WILL survive. hence, the recent rise in stock price. if it gets to $10 or better on the banks certitification in MAY, Id then pull out your profits and go elsewhere. NG is in survival mode! find a chinese stock. read up on the FMCN story, about SINA buying up its better half of assets for a very large profit for share holders. not too late to get into that play.
      Im hearing good things about nokia too??
      you can MILK intc as it goes up and down...its not going to go broke. LOL same with MSFT.
      I think energy is a good play...but its getting fooled with. its going to go back up, thats a certainty. but not 2009. maybe not 2010. RIG, is that a service company for oil companies? I figure oil will start capping off again until the pricing returns. thats a patient group of owners. well, read about fmcn /sina deal. fmcn will soon be getting .36 shares of sina, while keeping their shares of fmcn. est value of sina stock is $9 - $11 !!! with the then asset-reduced fmcn falling to $2-$3. but right now, you can buy FMCN for $6.70 a share! do the math! if this deal is approved by the c-govt, fmcn holders get a great return on investment. all this by end of q2 !!!! downside, no govt approval, stock drop to $4 now, but back up to $6.70 by year's end, and probably bought up by another suitor. IMHO. I sound humble , don't I?

    • i am long

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