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  • harit_rc harit_rc Jul 24, 2013 8:16 PM Flag

    If only Sigma had just done a public secondary....

    ..... with all of us, maybe they would've fared better.

    Hopefully it's a lesson learned !

    All in all, the business looks strong but some lucky boogers picked up a real steal and now
    they're laughing all the way to the bank. Sucks to hear these scheisters get $0.001 while the
    average joe here is paying for their private cabana in the $0.08s

    PhDs maybe... but money wise, real novices !

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    • mduffy Jul 24, 2013 11:19 PM Flag

      Do you think it has anything to do with Francis Yopak/Interactive Machines? He/His company were supposed to be the big piece in making the metal printer which according to Cola was one of the main points in this offering. I think a public secondary would have been nice for the people who bought in yesterday but overall I think a secondary offering would have shaken confidence a lot more and made the price stay lower for longer. I suspect this will recover before long. I average .065 so it's not super upsetting just yet.

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      • Pretty sneaky if he did.
        Definitely sounds like someone close to Cola hooked him up with some top shelf booty.
        1st get some shares on the cheap and then, with eyes twinkling, ride Sigmas coat tails and
        get in on the good thing with GE.
        Maybe Cola didn't read the fine print on volume of shares but just saw Dollar Signs
        on the $1.2MM. Don't you wish you were in on that sweetie-pie of a deal !
        Oh well... what's done is done.

        He could've spent $1MM on shower curtains like the ex-Tyco CEO, but that doesn't look like
        it's gonna happen here. Another day here, another dollar.

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