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  • cybermich11 cybermich11 Sep 14, 2013 12:02 AM Flag

    anyone have any other OTC ideas?


    I have shares in several OTC stocks.. but the one that most closely resembles SGLB in market cap and price is AMBS.. now also trading at about .07.. just recently ran to .16 with a ZACKS article giving it a fair value of .30..

    I would highly recommend you take just a couple minutes to see how HUGE this stock/company can become. As you know with SIGMS LABS if real significant revenues are realized it will be a game changer. Its projected that revenues will start rolling in with AMBS's diagnostics with many, many more catalysts to come.

    If anyone else has any other good ideas it would be appreciated.

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    • AGCZ.....small gold mine that keeps releasing numbers that are beating estimates and accelerating....!!!

    • Off topic here but other than SGLB the only one I can suggest is INO before run to 3 next week. Buy @2.35 and watch it run over 3.00 by end of next week. Prediction imho This stock would be a great long term hold like SGLB

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Does anybody like ONVO?

    • bhuston77 Sep 16, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

      AMBS is a good one in my book. I like ZLCS too, though that's a beat up NASDAQ issue.

    • I'm in Jammin Java (JAMN) and very happy with their quarterly earnings release late last week. I don't think it got the price movement it should have, so there is still plenty of room to run.

      Also, a more established company that is also growing incredibly is Meritage Hospitality Group (MHGU) ... they operate a bunch of Wendy's franchises. I would own, but they have too much leverage for my liking... waiting for either the price or the debt to come down.

    • bfgordon Sep 15, 2013 5:33 PM Flag

      Yes, it was almost profitable last qtr, it is a getting a steady flow of royalty revenues from its patented nanometals product and will soon have much much more. Thats not counting its cancer diagnostic product that already can see cancer cells 1000 times smaller than any of the current technologies such as rthe MRi and x-rays.. It can be used for animal drug testing without FDa approval, no long years waiting. The tech came out of Scandia Labs, or weas it the Los Alamos in New Mexico, by Dr much potential, I hesitate to even call it a penny stock. Also it is recommended by Seeking Alpha..check the symbol on Yahoo Financial and read the profile and website etc. Of course I own it already, hope to get more before it makes a big move..

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      • bfgordon Sep 16, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

        Excuse moi, I forgot to give the name of the stock I mentioned , it is MHTX, Manhattan Scientifics, this is the one with steady royaties revenues from their patented nano metals product and the cancer diagostic product that is capable of seeing cancer cells 1000 times smaller than the current methods such as the MRI and x-rays..It has several applications, one is animal testing for new drugs, which does not need FDA aproval, no years of waiting. .Check the symbol, MHTX with Yahoo Finance and read the profile and news releases,and web site..

    • correction SIGMA (the A and S are right next to each other on the keyboard.. lol)..
      my other stock ideas.. CTIX.. SBOTF.. AND INO (I already own DDD and SSYS in the 3D space)..

      my plan is to add to my other positions if one or more of them take off!

      SIGMA LABS might skyrocket if there is a hint of revenues from its 3D technology.. but if it takes time.. a good strategy would be to add to the position with gains from other stocks.. again, the reason I highlighted AMBS is because I was able to get 45000 shares for a steal.. (also trades at .07 but REAL revenues could be just around the corner and the technology is incredible.

      Anyway.. I am looking for peoples BEST ideas.. because diversification is critical imo in this penny world.. just one hits it big and the success can support all the other speculation.

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