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  • clivedavis clivedavis Jan 4, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    The Demise of Dial Global

    I keep looking on their website to see where they manufacture the copious amounts of gasoline that they are using to burn their house down, because they are using lots!

    DIAL blamed Rush for their losses this last year but keep in mind that they also air left wing shows too. For the quick moment that advertisers panicked and pulled their advertising flights, they either moved that money to other shows (on the same network) or waited to spending it two weeks later after everything blew over.

    DIAL simply runs a bad business. Their sales people would make a used car sales man blush. I have spoken with people you deal with agency and others with affiliate sales people and they all agree that they would make Kurt Russell in the movie Used Cars seem like the pope.

    They treat their employees horrible (heard first hand). Any company that can cut 50 people in one motion doesn't know their #$%$ from the fridge door.

    Dial has lost touch with reality. New York and LA is they way they think, over half their business comes from between those two.

    Greed, idiots and a lack of ethics will never lead a company to success. Because of their lack of direction and horrible reputation, business will be stolen and lost.

    My favorite quote I read was: Good luck finding somebody else.

    Run. Sell. Short-Sell.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Demise of Dial Global not to happen yet.

      Shorts are going to panic here soon. The panic started today and will continue the next several weeks.

      Shares were bought for $1.00 per the Form 4's that came out January 3rd, 2013.

      See under DIAL's investor relations on their website.

      SEC Filing Alert
      Dial Global has filed the following document(s) with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
      Jan 03, 2013

      Form 4 / Schore, Neal
      HTML PDF

      Form 4 / Williams, Kenneth C.
      HTML PDF

      Form 4 / Lazar, Hiram M
      HTML PDF

      Form 4 / Salter, Andrew
      HTML PDF

      Form 4 / Stone, Mark
      HTML PDF

      Form 4 / Brown, Spencer L
      HTML PDF

      Form 4 / Ford, B James
      HTML PDF

      Form 4 / Landau, David Marc
      HTML PDF

      Form 4 / Gimbel, Jonathan
      HTML PDF

      View all SEC Filings

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      • So Mark Stone and Jonathan Gimbel each sell 71,428 shares and Neal Schore, Kenneth C. Williams, Andrew Salter, Hiram M. Lazar, David M. Landau, James Ford, Spencer L. Brown all each buy 71,428 shares.

        A net investment of $357,140.00 not much considering their wealth and net-worth. I just see this as damage control and the same idiots that are sinking the ship doubling down.

        Also, same reason they hired spammers to pump their stock price...

        I agree that shorting this stock would be stupid right now, little to gain lots to potentially lose, that was said more jokingly than anything, but without change they will continue the downward course they have been on for the last 10 years.

        In the era of consolidated radio and small/large market radio stations seeking relief, Dial Global should be prospering. As small market radio looks to downsize and lower their monthly expenses, Dial Global is to benefit. This is the whole reason the bought Waitt Radio Networks, which was stripped and destroyed.

        Their programming, shows, prep service all "should" aid small and large market radio into better products at a cheaper price.

        However, as long as their stock history goes back (their own website) their value has declined. This is because while they have good ideas, bought great companies, they gave themselves the to big to fail complex.

        Because of a disconnect from reality and the wrong people at the wheel, there is now way they can turn around unless there is a top down makeover. Idiots usually stay idiots. The average IQ is 100 and they like to keep it there.

        Sentiment: Sell