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    • What's "very sad" about it? So a couple is leaving Long Island where they'd lived with their parents, now they can afford to live on their own in Florida, that's sad? So another couple finds they can get far more for their money in Las Vegas? That's sad? (Remember when you hosers were talking about the impending demise of Las Vegas?) So someone likes the Vermont lifestyle more than Long Island, that's sad? Oh excuse me, "very sad".

      Buddy, there are so many truly sad things in life, unfortunately. Moving out of Long Island is not on my list of "very sad" things going on in this world. Of course, I suppose all those Long Islanders buying new homes in Florida, Las Vegas, etc. is "very sad" to you short sellers personally, as it continues the transfer of wealth from your bank account to mine. The inherent "sadness" of that ongoing event of course, depends on one's perspective! To me it's a happy occasion; one that I will continue to enjoy.

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