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    • I agree

    • I don't know about agribusiness. Every time the beef export market gets to rolling again another case of mad cow crops up. You think it would be simple enough - don't eat cow brains, but I guess not.

      Most of the farmers out there are on as solid financial footing as they have been on in the last 25 years. Their profitability is still tied to the farm programs, er, welfare. The high price of oil has caused ethanol plants to spring up everywhere around here. That's creating demand for corn but the byproduct can still be used for feed so that offsets some of the increased demand.

      Regardless of what kind of shape the farmers are in, pretty much all they are doing is buying good paying jobs. Their strong balance sheets would bode well for Deere but the price of steel has got to be a negative.


      This will end very bad. I know this time it is different.

    • Broken you might be right. My personal opinion is that the next boom is going to be agribusiness. Somehow this deficit will have to come down and with a weak currency and those Asians eating more beef. It is bound to push corn prices up some. Maybe in five years all these mini Donald Trumps/ ex dot comers will try their next hand at farming. lol I like John Deere right now

    • Mexicans might make $6.00 an hour in Iowa, but in the Southwest they make $20 to $30 an hour doing work that other ethnicities simply will not do. I'm a white guy, and have been in homebuilding for decades. You simply can not hire white people who will work, regardless of what you pay them. The Southwest is being built by hardworking well paid Mexicans. There are tremendous difficulties to using non-English speaking labor, and it would be great if whites would do manual labor for $20 an hour, but they won't. So-oooo to get the job done, you have to use the hardworking people who will do it.

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      • I used to work for a HB and one thing I did realize was you couldn't get locals to do the work. And if you did they were all ex-cons or drugusers. True the Mexicans worked pretty hard and I did like them. I never saw any of them making 20 to 30 a hour though. If they were they sure were doing a good job at hiding it.

      • Most of the migrant workers here work in Motels doing house keeping, egg plants, and slaughter houses. The slaughter houses pay the best - around $12-15/hr.

        I have a friend who is a masonry instructor who claims that unionized masons in the southwest only earn $12/hr? Is that not true?

        I know that most whites anymore are lazy and if I were in your shoes I would do the same thing. I was just making the point that they drive labor prices down.

    • I would say enough is enough when there are enough people coming in to seriously affect the employment pool. We don't have enough LEGAL immigration to be a problem. Bush says he's in favor of people coming in to do jobs we won't. Who wouldn't? The truth is that there is not a job in this country which someone here won't do. Only jobs we won't do for $6.00/hr.

      I suspect they know they don't have enough money to seal up the border so this is how they are dealing with it. Or it's some aid scheme. Instead of us giving money to Mexico to fight poverty, we let them sneak across to work and send the money back.

      <<It sure seems, though, that the future of homebuilders is tied up in young immigrants with families. They are a large part of the future potential homebuying population in the USA.>>

      It's tied allright, just not the way you are thinking. Think masons, roofers, framers, etc. Not consumers.

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