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  • jeeree234 jeeree234 Aug 16, 2006 9:52 AM Flag

    Who's Buying?

    Can't imagine anyone buying HB stocks right now with all the dire sentiment floating around. Heard a housing analyst last nite advise investors to get out. Guess, not enough people know how bad things are or how much worse things will be getting. This is expected to be a long drawn out down -cycle. And it is just starting.

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    • Remember to buy when everyone want to sell. This is not the dot com bubble. If you compare the HB to the dot com bubble, then you are a twit. Pick good companies now in HB and the two years, you will be very happy.

    • Droolerm, you are right, I am crying into the wilderness. I look at the statistics that the government and others provide and the picture I see is vastly different from what is reflected in the markets on a daily basis. This is an economy bloated with debt. The debt has drive asset prices to unsustainable levels. As a nation, we appear unable to distinquish genuine wealth creation from debt driven asset inflation.
      For the past nine years, total borrowing has far exceeded aggregate income. We are now seeing inflation pressures that are causing real incomes to decline. I don't see how housing prices can to anything but collapse. The only thing that could prevent it would be a federal reserve prepared to sacrifice the dollar by continuing to feed the credit bubble with cheap money. That may if fact be the plan, though, in the long run that isn't going to work either.

    • Yes, its the smart guys applying the buy low sell high tactic. Its a tactic that works every time. Show me one incident where it didn't work and I will show you a liar.

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      • you we are at war. regardless of red or blue, in wartime truth dies first. have you ever realized the effort being put into the dog and poney show to make it appear that nothing will hurt the ameerican markets? at $75 dollar oil and cpi rates at a govt stated 5% should be killing the dow. when divi rates are at historic lows and cds are paying more than jnj, something is amiss. Do you really believe anyone you work with has the extra money to be pumping into the stock market, its a big circus and the ringleader is cramer.

        it cannot go on forever, shorts must be patient and eventually the lil man behind the curtain will be found out.

      • I understand the "buy low", but not really the "sell high". Because for the last year and months I've been NEW 52 week lows. Let's put it this way you idiot. It took a Federal Reserve pushing interest rates to 40 year lows and dead benign housing market to get homebuilders' stock to rise and shine over a 4 - 5 year period. The way I see it, you have given nearly 2 - 4.5 years of gain in a 1 YEAR PERIOD. AND it doesn't appear to be getting any better.

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