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  • junkyemail22 junkyemail22 Jun 17, 2008 9:53 PM Flag

    Oh no, more bad news

    it is literally un-F'n-believeable that the folks at PHM are allowed to build homes. the Feds should halt their operations immediatelt before PHM F's up the finances of other un-educated buyers!!! i hired a realtor to find my next new home in AZ and at the time (june 2007) he touted how good Pulte homes were and that they ranked #1. i dont know why but he must have fallen and damaged his brain or was simply regurgetating the vomit marketing crap just to make some $$ in helping sell a Pulte home. Pulte homes are F'n junk, built like shiat. i had two options at the time, buy 1/2 acre and build my own home (yes, actually build it myself), or buy a new build. i'm kicking myself in my pants today because i opted to buy a shiat Pulte home, what a F'n mistake!

    yesterday my iDrive garage door opener broke for the 5th time. wayne dalton is now replacing the shiat iDrive with a belt driven overhead. we'll see if this new unit is durable, and if not you'll see me on YouTube smashing it to pieces and installing a Genie opener.

    below are just a few (of many many) stories in 2008 about what F-ups PHM is/are. Feds should yank their building license(s)!!!

    About 700 Sun City residents had wanted to join the couple's suit, with the aim of making it a class action case. But the four lawyers handling the case -- all construction defect specialists -- notified those homeowners Wednesday that the court won't handle their cases as a class action. So if the residents want to pursue claims for stucco problems, they'll have to file individual suits... Homeowners in Sun City communities near Las Vegas and Phoenix also have sued Pulte, claiming that stucco on their houses was improperly applied.
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    The state's largest -- and possibly longest -- construction defect case, pitting about 1,000 Sun City Summerlin residents and seven homeowners associations against Del Webb, Pulte Homes and four subcontractors, could also decide which class of homeowners has the right to sue for defects in Nevada.
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    Pulte Homes, based in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., will pay $877,000
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    Unfortunately, I am not surprised that Pulte Homes has resorted to attacking IWJ rather than responding to our concerns. To date, the company has refused a number of requests for a meeting to discuss the issues we highlight in our report.
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    Homebuilders had a rough year in 2007, especially Pulte Homes, Inc.—builder of “Pulte,” “Del Webb” and “DiVosta” brand homes. Pulte’s stock value plummeted. In January 2007, the firm’s stock traded at over $30 per share. One year later, it had tumbled to roughly $10 per share. Credit rating agencies Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s downgraded Pulte debt to junk bond status last fall.
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    • If,you ever worked around the building industry,American Builders, PHM's,predessor and PHM are legend for building very poor quality.
      Many contractors will not work for Pulte,they do not want to go to jail,because Pulte,blames the defects on the contractors,not on Pulte's spec.'s which somehow always seem yo get shredded.

      Plus,Pulte is slow pay no pay to contractors,at least in this area.

      No,illegals will work the end of a Pulte project,because somehow INS always seems to get called in.

      Even illegals know Pulte is low quality,but they are desperate for work.

      Go to court if you can,Civil,and try to get some of your money back,you will not be the only people trying to collect.Judges are not stupid,they see the same cases over and over again.Settle up out of court if you can,but ar least get them to the preliminary hearing.You need a Civil Attorney,not a Criminal Drama Queen.Be reasonable ,stay calm,it will be worth it if you have receipts,for repairs,get real estimates from real bonded contractors for repairs,perferably 3 estimates for each repair needed.Good solid written estimates that are readable,not done by your uncle.Like Sears or James Hardy.

      You willnot be the only one to show up with a Pulte compalint if you live in a fairly big county.The judge and the Attroneys will know Pulte,you will see.

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