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  • jayjohnbird jayjohnbird Jun 20, 2009 12:06 PM Flag

    Pulte Building Systems

    Does anyone know how much money Pulte is losing on there subcontracting business?

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    • All builders have the binding arbitration clause. The liability insurance is handled outside the court system. Just open a claim just like any other type of insurance claim you may have!

    • I was thinking about buying this stock, buy after listening to all the issues here, I am not sure if I should.

      If there are thousands of dissatisfied home buyers, wouldn't there be a big liability for
      this home builder?

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      • All builders have dissatisfied clients and you see a couple of them on these post. In construction, not everything goes right all the time. I recommend that you find a house you like, hire an engineer to inspect the product and sign off on the quality. Also, go to the county and pull a history of the inspections for that address. If you see lots of corrections, make sure they were addressed and corrected. If you see no corrections, be wary that the county was not performing inspections properly.

        Don't base your decision on the few dissatisfied people on this post or base it on my recommendations. Your home is the largest investment you will make, treat it accordingly. Those people on this post that claim they got screwed by PHM are buyers that did not perform the proper research and I would not take any advice from them.

      • well, all i can say is at least you are doing some research before investing in this failing company. others need to do the same.

        keep researching and you'll find more than thousands that have problems with their PHM built home.

    • That is correct. Finance and accounting folks are now running a home builder (Good Luck).. Bill Pulte has retired and the current CEO and COO have no idea how to efficiently run the business. They have laid off all of the "old guys" who new how to build homes.

      They are now taking a shot at being a subcontractor PBS. It is by far the most inefficient subcontracting organization I have seen.

      I think they have forgotten their core business.

    • you are not alone. thousands of PHM buyers experienced the same poor quality construction.

      the scamming with PHM goes way beyond their incompetence of building homes. their mortgage business scams to the fine line of illegal practices.

      hmmm, where are the latest awards from JD Power? i dont see any. the incompetent PHM sales folks still use the "we won JD Power awards in 2004" line when you visit a sales office. what a joke. PHM is a joke.

      my predicition that the stock today would be in the 7's held true. its all downhill from here unless the no-brains of the whitehouse forks up tax payer dollars to this incompetent PHM company.

    • Where did you buy your home?

    • I have owned a couple of Pulte homes. Pulte builds a good priced home meaning quaility is average. Good value for the money. But Pulte does not build high quaility homes nor does Pulte price their houses like high quality. Pulte is a mass builder of homes. I have never had problems with Pulte knowing that I bough good value home and did not pay extra for high quality. I currently have aged to near 40 and own a high quality expensive home (small Russian builder). But I liked my previous Pulte homes.

    • funny you mention that. it was a 50/50 decision on to buy new or build the home myself. after buying this pos i will indeed build my next home myself. and yes, i was in this trade many years ago and can do 100% of the work myself.

      bottom line is, PHM is building pos homes. if they sold at 50% of the price they are asking i'd say it was on par with what you are getting.

      when buying a home people must remember they are also buying a resale opportunity. the resale opportunity includes home quality. PHM hoem quality is shiat, or sub-par for the asking prices.

      if i were to buy new build again i would definitely buy from another builder that had perceived less reputation than PHM because i would save lots of $$$ and still have the same quality home.

      for PHM you definitely do not get what you pay for !!!

    • Suggestion for junkye: Move to another builder or build your own. I am wondering the financial impact PBS is having on PHM.
      You will find the same subcontracting firms do the work of all of the builders. I am sure with your superior construction acumen you will build a great home for yourself.

    • well then that explains all of the home problems found in vegas and phoenix. i guess PBS has a bunch of folks who dont know what they are doing. so now i'm not sure which PHM home is worse, one built by their own PBS, or one that was built strictly from subs. this far the end product has been a big pos.

    • Pulte Building Systems (PBS) operates in the Las Vegas and Phoenix divisions. They provide 'in house' plumbing, concrete, and framing. The divisions are basically not building many homes and PBS remains open. The facilities are quite large and expensive.

      Looks like a big overhead carry!!

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