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  • stimrx stimrx Mar 3, 2012 11:14 AM Flag

    Don't Sell This Stock Because

    you will regret it. The action buying this stock and pushing it up is not the small retail investor. Hedge Fund Mgrs are buying this stock. You can look at my past messages and my insite is legitimate. My best friends wife is a senior VP of sales and marketing for KORS in Asian. The Asain market alone is expoding to the upside. I also have worked in Taiwan, Japan and China for the past 30 years and where there were rice fields 15 yrs ago there are now cities that have been born with an immediate creation of upper middle class of millions that has be newly created and they are buying luxury items at a record pace. Its only the begining up a huge story. They love Micheal Kors. Mark this post.

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    • first, no interest, no position here. k. that said. I wk in retail for a 300+ store chain. kors was flooded into 3 of our stores - to the likes of nothing I've seen in 12yrs at this location by any other vendor. I found it odd? this was just b4 all of the hoopla of the ipo.

      my thought was, this guy is padding the numbers b4 the party starts to make things look a wee bit roseier for show. am I right? we'll see. be careful. the new spring line has been arriving and it is more than half of what our first buy was.

      on the flipside, the merchandise has done well and I'd be on guard if I were coach.

    • I agree.
      I have posted before that personally the Visa IPO & KORS IPO was to me an unbelievable oppourtunity to get in on the ground floor of elite corperations.
      Now heres a fact to really digest: After Q3 Dec. 30 earnings KORS has reported 23 Consecutive quarters of same store growth!
      How many retailers can say that as this is nearly 6 years continous growth?
      Even in boom times this is an amazing fact but these last six years has seen the biggest global slowdown in approx 80 years & has seen oil prices soar to approx. $150 bbl & KORS shrugged this news off & kept on showing double to triple digit growth.
      According to Q3 results, Euroipe, by far the basket case of the world showed 34% same store growth. The only thing announced on KORS CC if this was considered bad that demand was so great on some items they ran out & many items are on back order.
      Mgmt guided this current Q with eps of 10-12 cents, consensus is 13 cents with some anaylists predicting .16 with 2 mionths to go till release. Obviously they feel mgmt guidance is conservative at best.
      There are still many analyists not even covering Kors so if they do decide to take a favorible stand they will issue a report to their clients to buy & probably add KORS to their mutual fund holdings.

      While it's true they have no new oil well discoveries or cancer medication breakthroughs, nor have they built a better mouse trap but then again thats not what they do.
      MGMT has proved they can grow significantly in the worst of times & regions. They innovate new products & designs to keep people coming back with affordable luxury from the person next store to the First Lady.
      The markets are no where near saturated & mgmt plans to open hundreds of additional stores in the US & Europe. More importantly KORS recently announced 100 new store openings in ASIA, this is an extremly lucrative market where big bux are spent loose.

      One last thing to ponder, as if things aren't as great now & again one can only imagine what revenues will be when this economy turns around, but their lucrative e-retail is outsourced through dep't stores (mostly Neiman Markus) & sold wholesale, if mgmt decided to do it by themselves down the road at retail the revenue & net should be huge.

      Remember KORS is an elte quality company resilant to bad times to date. Quality always demands & rceives a premium, would you pay, if you owned a baseball team, your shortstop hittiing .225 the same as your centerfeilder hitting .330 with 30 homeruns & over 100 rbi's?

      KORS=long term winner with huge growth & huge future.


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      • Disagree

        Read Hussman's latest - the general mkt is near the top of a long term trading range; this is not some new bull mkt

        QE causes oil to up; the same growth alluded to in emerging world also moves it up - review what happens to retail with oil price surges - consumer discretionary is the Worst perfomer by far - avg loss of 14%

        At the stock level, I could not find a more richly valued stock than KORS on a PEG basis. Not Lulu, not Under Armor, ...none

        Depending on Europe for growth - crazy - you need to learn more about what is going on there - one holiday qtr when people want to feel good and put things on credit cards

      • corcoranrick Mar 5, 2012 1:28 AM Flag

        Nobody is talking about $5 gas and its effect on retailers at the mid to higher end...Short term head wind...People will pull back on purchases...Happens every time.

        In the long run a buy but watch out near term.

        I short and go long on this stock day trading and think it's a winner long term but traders need to be ready for a pullback befor going higher in a bigger way.

      • nice post Rich..
        When is the lockup expiration? How many shares? Are there any bearish rationale exists in this stock other than valuation?


    • I think you are right....this is just the beginning of something BIG. I make a lot of money on this stock already when I bought some March $40 CALLS before the earnings a couple of weeks ago. I'm now regretting for selling them right after the earnings when the stock hit $44. Now I'm considering to start loading up on May CALLS. This thing can reach $70/share in no time!!! Stimrx do you think it can get to that price this summer?

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      • I think that it is possible. I think that the market will continue to do well until labor day. But at some point I think things will slow down in the US economy and that will finally slow down the S&P advance. I certainly believe that the first 6 months of the tear will be the best. But KORS may continue to do well because if their sales outside of the US. My other favorite stock is URI.

        I own options in URI and I will by May options in KORS

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