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  • pigsuckingshortmaggot pigsuckingshortmaggot Apr 25, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    Take a Chill Pill Boys !

    Lets flip the coin over and examine the other side.

    The owners of MK sold half of their company for $20 a share.
    The market now values those shares over 150% higher in only 18 months.
    Now on each of the SPO's they have slowed the price rise......
    And that is fantastic for us!

    If they hadn't done that and the price continued to hold a 60PE, I bet none
    of you would have as many shares as you do today. I wouldn't.

    They have given us another gift, shares back in the low 50's,
    put it in the oven and let it bake.

    The owners and management are still with us,
    they still have 20% of KORS and
    ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of MK Asia, less Japan

    Maggot, over & out

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    • Hey maggott,

      Are you actually saying we should be thankful for mgmt through their selfish actions & avarice thet the price of KORS stock is artificially held down way below fair market value? Many people with options. margin or strict stop losses got hurt bad.
      All mgmt actions were done for their own gratification & wealth, shareholders interest what not considered but just a by product of their greedy actions, IMO.

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      • pigsuckingshortmaggot pigsuckingshortmaggot Apr 25, 2013 10:27 AM Flag

        They sold half the company for $20 a share. Gift.
        Sold more for $47. Gift
        Sold more for $53. Gift.
        Sold more for $61.50. Soon to be a gift.

        Option & Margin players had better know the gate swings both ways. Management owes them nothing.
        People with strict stop sales should have made out well if they repurchased later.

        Did the owners owe it to buyers to tell them they were going to sell more shares until they were down to X% ?

        And !
        Would they have done those secondaries if we had not bid the share value up so high??
        I think not.

        Hey we just cracked 55 again. #$%$ di dooooooooo LOL

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Kors mgmt never issues statement in the interest of shareholders, other companies like Lulu do it and it is reflected in stock price.
      I highly doubt if some weird news breaks out Kors mgmt will respond, rather sitting on sideline till next ER and announcing SPO

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