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  • lorreenw lorreenw Aug 4, 2014 4:36 PM Flag

    It's a no wonder why people don't want to invest in market today

    Here is a great example of beat and raise but find a bit of negativity if you can call it that and it gets hammered further.. Zero debt, solid growth, management owns 10 percent. Worried about mark downs...really! This is a clear case of corruption. If this is a bad stock to own, what is a good stock the ones ithat make no seems so I guess the analyst can look forward to the companies making money someday and they done have to worry because it's already bad. If your money isn't safe in KORS, then is anything worth the risk? Market Corrupt for underhanded anyalsts

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    • We'll according to the market, the better stock here would be AMZN. Now that I cannot explain for the life of me.

    • This is turning into a long term hold to prove the analysts wrong. They guide conservative again and analysts find another number other than margin to warn. I don't see how you cant like their growth numbers going into new markets. Analysts want to keep pointing to Coach growth reversal. I need to listen to the cc. Really no reason for this drop.

    • Inventory is an issue at all retailers right now.
      Markdowns are common everywhere

    • Yeah, I really think the markdown this is way overdone. It's a concern, but I don't understand why it overshadows all of the other MANY, MANY positive data points.

      Everyone keeps predicting the beginning of the downfall of Kors growth, and it just keeps growing and growing, and will continue to do so over the next few years. Growth is in its infancy stages in Europe and Asia.

      Top line growth of 43% and EPS growth of 50% this past quarter...and seemingly doing this quarter after quarter. Trading at a TTM PE of under 22? Forward PE under 20? Wow.

      They're getting killed for only projecting 29% top line growth and 21% EPS growth next quarter. Under Armour just went up like 15% in one day for a lesser quarter than that.

      We know they're going to beat next Q. I wish they just would've at least projected the .88 for next q instead of .85-.87. The only thing anyone took out of the entire quarter of performance and CC was those 2 FN' pennies they were under on next Q's projection.

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      • Under Armour had ZERO EPS growth last quarter, and the stock went up 15%. KORS has growth on top & bottom lines and gets punished for a slight decrease in margins.

        I learned a long time ago not to fight Mr. Market. KORS was down 6% with 22 million shares being traded. The price action and volume tell you everything. The stock has sold off on great fundamentals. I cannot let a profit turn into a loss. I held on to this stock a little too long, and wore out my welcome:)

        The OP is correct that this is exactly why the retail investor is not participating in this market. I believe there are many young people who just feel it is a casino where the people running the game just take your money. There may be some truth to that? But, I believe if you buy growing companies at an early stage you can beat the indexes.

        It was a good ride. But, I am out, and will not return to the scene of the crime. Good luck to all longs!
        The COH report tomorrow will make the KORS quarter look even better...

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