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  • airbus69 airbus69 Feb 13, 2006 9:42 AM Flag

    The Trend Ahead...

    As promised, I have folded up the prior thread. For anyone interested backpedal from the last post here to its roots:

    The above will give you an overview about Major Reversal patterns, how and why they happen, etc., It took 22 months to resolve. The longer the pattern the bigger the move post b.o. Techinical objectives lodge the move ahead to the 13.50 area. If a congestion pattern occurs there and breaks that level upwards, then the next measured objective is around 27.

    As far as currently, expect perhaps some backing and filling, and watch the 7 level. Once that level is taken out upside, which can come at anytime, the major markup process has begun. Around these levels, adding to your position is prudent. Additional buys can me made at 7 * 3%. One important note. ISIS made a b.o. on its own. There were no upgrades from anyone. I think that will come later, and that is good. The trend ahead is up...eom).

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    • Having exited a tad under 9, I think it was wise. Something is wrong here. I have no ISIS at this time. I think I timed this one good thus far. Have no urgency to reposition at this time, but will watch. Very happy with ISIS's returns.

      OT- There are other's. TMTA and PYDS. Both are extremely low-priced, leverage, and the timing is ripe in both. GL and trade, eom).

    • Role for Tiger? That's a lot of birds to test.

      Bird flu screening to be expanded
      By Jerry Hagstrom, CongressDaily

      Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns, Interior Secretary Gale Norton, and Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt said Monday in a joint news conference that they believe the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus will arrive in the United States, possibly in 2006.
      In urging calm, Johanns stressed that detection of the virus in birds "will not mean the start of a pandemic among people." The three Cabinet secretaries announced that their departments would expand screening for bird flu.

      Norton said her agency would continue to test migratory birds as well as birds killed by hunters and those killed in Alaska native hunts. Norton said tests would be conducted on more than 75,000 birds in 2006. The birds would not be killed, she noted.

      Norton said initial tests showing the presence of bird flu would be announced, though the tests cannot be confirmed until the material is sent for further analysis to a USDA laboratory in Ames, Iowa.

      Norton said officials would decide later whether any positive tests for the bird flu would affect hunting seasons. She said there have been no reports of humans getting avian influenza from wild birds. "Cooking kills the virus," Norton said.

      In his statement, Leavitt noted that President Bush sought $7.1 billion to fund preparations, but Congress appropriated $3.8 billion last year. Since November, Leavitt, said, avian influenza has spread from 16 countries to 37 countries, infecting 175 people of whom 96 have died.

      "We are in a race against a fast-moving virus with the potential to cause influenza pandemic," he said. The arrival of the bird flu in the United States, he said, "should not be a cause for alarm or panic," but it should "motivate us to pick up the pace, renew pandemic preparations on every front at every level."

      Leavitt said he is planning summits in all 50 states on bird flu.

    • Took a day off from getting creamed at VPMH. Daytrip to Indianoplace. Drove down to Bloomington. High school friend and I got drunk. He has medical degree from UNC, Phd in Pharma and is professor at Med School. Small world! You asked me some time ago to find out why Dr. Dorr was canned by ISIS. I said I was working on it. Progress made today!!!! Does Zack have any tattoos or other identifying marks? Just joking? You said you sold at $17.00 or $18.00 or something like that. I don't suppose you will tell me if what you sold was an option would you? I'm still working on it!!!!! Hope to live long enough to see VPHM turn profitable but think I may die tonight, as in darkout,etc,etc,etc. Hope you appreciate the effort I am expending to comply with your request!!!

    • with his big red sign "darks a friggen moron who can't even hold down a washy dishy job at choo choo's chinese.

    • Zack said the skunk had a tag labeled, Genius on it's neck. Probably one of the left over experimental Isis skunks for testing psoriasis. Come to think of it, it was my understanding that Isis only had rats. :>( Hmmmmm.

    • Dark.

      By any chance was the skunk's name crooke?

    • It was bad news. Seems that Zack ran into a skunk over there. The skunk was scared when he saw Zack and let go with some old 2302 antisense. Once we get Zack cleaned up he will attempt another go at it. This time he will go under cover in his police uniform. Make no mistake about it, Zack is no rookie!

    • No no, the Crooke would never do that! That would be illegal. :<) Ask the dazed dog, he will tell you. hmmmmmm. I have Zack over there smelling around this minute. Stay tuned.

    • Perhaps you are right...

      All I know is this, from when I joined the forum. ISIS made a very, very clear as a mountain stream _major bullish reversal. They have info. that is significant. How significant is it? The market has decided that. And I don't think that the market knows "everything". It takes money to put a stock up. It takes time to trace it all out. The inside element is well informed here.

      How high? I'll go back to the original m.m.o. which is around 13.50-14.00. That's the first objective, but I think that will be exceeded by a large margin.

      One thing that's curios. The "media" has been absent here. That's good. I think they've been buying, and then do the usual thing--upgrades and so on. I have no tangible reason to sell.


    • Heres how its possible-
      1.The funders at 4-5 are moving it higher(as part of the original funding)to create a secondary funding in the mid teens to give the company much liquidity and a blended more favorable dilution of about 10.
      2.A reverse Gitlin.A leaking of tremendous positive news about our favorite drug.Dog alluded to this today as a possibility.
      Any other suggestions?

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