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  • jmkcfo jmkcfo Dec 4, 2007 11:44 AM Flag

    Executive stock options

    are a form of compensation. It is common in biotech companies to use this form of compensation. The reason why is that at the beginning stage of the companies development all available capital goes toward product development. If the companies were to pay this compensation in cash they would have to come to the markets to raise capital more often. The benefit to current shareholders is that when an executive exercises stock options and then sells them is that the company picked up additional capital and the executive recieved a nice bonus. In Dr Crokke's case he still holds 872k plus shares. I'm sure he's interested in the future value of Isis.

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    • Yup, it's because of numbskills like you that the insiders have the liberty to run rough shod over the poor long Isis suffering slobs. Again, you can't be that stupid, can you? :>( The Crooke sure is interested in the future value of Isis as long as he can keep milking you dummies. You certainly deserve what you get. Duh. :>( No viable drug product for 18 years. THINK! No where in the World can an CEO make millions by running a failure company other than the Stock market. And I don't mean just this "revolutionary" Story company. These CEOs, for doing nothing, have their own little selected compensation commitees to dilute your shares. Ya would think by now that the public would rise up and control this BS. It won't happen while you nit-wits sit around lauding them for screwing you. Oh well, what's the use. :>(

    • Quick piece of advice, the ignorant knuckleheads on this board are not interested in facts and being educated on why things happen as they do. While on every board there is one or two really warped individuals (like this derelict Dark goofball) who claim they don't own any shares in the company but just continue to bash the stock, this board takes the cake.

      Really a waste of time to try and have an adult, educated conversation here.

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