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  • sourdough27a sourdough27a Sep 20, 2008 10:46 AM Flag

    So Long For Now

    I have to think through the ramifications and implications of how people interact under the condition of annonimity when communicating on the internet. I have enjoyed communicating with all of you! I have learned much about myself. I do wish I spelled better!

    Wagners, I checked back through April 15th and found nothing. As time permits I will go back and post if I find the material you were speaking about.

    Darkster, don't take any wooden nickels!

    Good luck all!

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    • good luck to you too!!!

    • Good luck and health, Sour!

      Hope to see you back some day.

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      • Thank you mengelhardt!

      • Sour, the engineer in me says that you are over analynizing yourself. I hear that something is bothering you and I hope that you can work it out quickly.

        My big fustration about this type of communication is how it enables people to make outragous statements and then be able to hide.

        I just want to let you know that the personality of yours that is visible in your messages is very likeable. You have strong convictions, are able to back them up and yet are gentle and friendly when it comes to dealing with opposing opinions. When messengers get on each other you become like oil on troubled waters.

        Thanks for looking for your insurance model and please keep an oversight on this message board. Everyone here appreciates your cautious judgement... especially in these times.

    • Sour . . . it has been a pleasure communicating with you. . . Hope you get things sorted out . . . and then return! . . . but if not . . . GOOD LUCK on your ISIS trading!

      According to Potted's crude spreadsheet, as of yesterday, ISIS is UP 8.8% YTD, and GNVC is UP 2.7% YTD . . . not too bad! . . . considering all the CARNAGE in the overall market . . . and Potted's "diversified mutual fund" portion of his portfolio! . . . down more than 15%!

      Sour . . . there are still PLENTY of valuation drivers still coming down the pike in '08 for ISIS! . . . 1) Mipo Liver De-Fatting study results . . . 2) Phase II results on ISIS-113715 - - the PTP-1b inhibitor . . . and the NEXT ISIS BLOCKBUSTER! ( according to Potted! ) . . . 3 ) Report on Phase I results on the GCGR Diabetes target . . . 4 ) Announcement of a NEW Antisense drug target into development . . . and 5 ) Something that Potted has now forgotten . . . ( perhaps other Board members can help Potted out here! ) . . . well Sour . . . just name another "value driver" . . . and ISIS will likely do it!

      Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS!

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      • Thank you Potted. A bit more of an explanation before I leave. I am a student of behavioral finance. I also have some training in psychoanalysis (I am not a physician) and I tend to look at things from a psychodynamic view by force of habit. I have been trained to withstand transference attacks, and as such, I thought I could withstand anything the IV board members could throw at me and still maintain an unbiased perspective on board events over at the IV board, and maintain both distance and empathy with respect to IV board psychodynamics. I find that this is not the case. I have to absent myself from both boards for a while and do some self analysis and perhaps talk to one of my old teachers, in the hope that I can understand why I cannot control my feelings.

        I will try to find the reference Wagner has requested and post it and should Isis hit upon what I feel may be very hard times, I will post a warning on this and the IV board. Those who wish to consider it may. Those who wish to ignor it will!

        Again, thank you for your time and your cyber comments, Potted.

        A little distance in time and cyberspace should, when combined with reflection, will I hope, allow this goal to be achieved. I hope to be back some day.

    • Ben hanging around here too waiting for "The Next Microsoft" to happen.
      Oh well, Enjoy. Somehow ISIP er ISIS became my largest "Tech" holding.

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