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  • no2sound no2sound Oct 17, 2008 12:42 PM Flag

    Comments anyone on OTS ISIS notes


    Antisense Therapeutics Limited/Isis Pharmaceuticals Conference Call
    Monday September 22, 2008 at 2:00 PM PT

    could have some good news coming...

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    • We would like you comment again tomorrow. Conf call is starting now..early

    • TEVA and 1102...another partner!!! sort of!!! MS and bone marrow...hope it helps and get approved very soon, I know people with this terrible disease.

    • Stan mentioned progress on oral delivery again! I love listening to that guy! Such a soothing voice, don't you think so Dark! Lots of the other stuff he says is like blah blah blah to me!

    • "The Basket" isn't working anymore. The individual stocks are all over the place. We are flying by the seat of our pants and hedging against SPY. "The Model" is shot to hell, I'm afraid. It will get more stable with time!

    • "It will get more stable with time!" you think???

      Sour, remember when you were doom and gloom and I am sorry to say I did not listen, I am now doom and gloom and sell on every rally after loosing my shirt. If Obama wins, we are in for a rough ride, IMHO. I plan to be out before the election. Sold some today, hope to so again tomorrow.

      I am holding some ISIS for now but also sold some today. I do not ever remember being so negative! I really hate it!

      I can not believe what my fellow citizens are about to do...I am sick to my stomach!

      Hope your pumpkins are ready for all those little goblins...My anniversary is Halloween. Don't try, I have heard all the comments over these 33 years!

    • The model will get more stable over time as it is recalibrated, not the country. I think we are in for 5 years or more of hard times for the country and the market. I doubt that we will see 14,000 again anytime soon, but we are buying a few shares of common stock here and there none the less. You have to put your money somewhere and T-Bills are not all that great a long term investments in an inflationary environment.

      I think we may see 10,000 to 12,000 without that much trouble over the next few years if we are lucky and inflation is kept under control, but I also think it wouldn't take that much bad news to push us down to 7,000.

      We are way overweight long positions right now, but my guess is we will see a retest of lows after the economy tanks and we get year end earnings. Retail will probably suck big time this Christmas.

      The pumpkins are very nice this year but sales are off by about 15% this year. The weather is fine so it must be the economy. I guess people feel they cannot even spend freely on pumpkins.

      As for Isis, same old, same old. Buy them when they go down and sell them when they go up. The volitility has been working out pretty good for trading profits. I cannot complain as we pretty much dodged the bullet and are making out ok. Our bonds are hedged across the dollar, pound and euro, so the foreign exchange problems have not been hurting us all that badly, but the strong dollar is causing some minor problems. Such is life.

      You really should think about that "short button" as it helps you sleep at night!

      Happy anniversary!

    • Hi no2,

      Our country will do well no matter who is our next president. Congress runs our country and they have learned by now the mistakes that have been made. ( I hope) It's too bad that we have to pay for their excesses but it has always been that way through out history. I believe the world in general will have more faith in the U.S. should we elect Obama. I could articulate on this perspective more deeply... don't get me wrong, I'm not a bleeding heart liberal either. My reason for giving you this quick two cents is that I don't feel good hearing your pain. I have more in common with, and admire McCain in several ways. I get poor health vibes emanating from McCain's walk and speak. (has nothing to do with the media reports) I feel that our country and he will survive with less distress over the next several years if he's not elected president. But then Of course, what do I know. Keep the faith and may God Bless America!

    • PS Potted, please keep GNVC over $1.00. Thanks

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