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  • jxkchicago jxkchicago May 27, 2011 5:11 PM Flag

    EU MIPO Filing will be

    Any positive comments invokes a negative reply from SourPuss and Dork & co. wait and see)

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    • Chicago, you are wrong again.... idiot! Actually it was a strong day for Isis and for the market, as I atated in an earlier post. Apparently your reading comprehension isn't any better than you knowledge of finance. This may be the beginning of the uptick for Isis stock and unfortunately I missed my mark. BTW, are you a product of the Chicago school system? That would explain a lot! We should see pumpers coming out of hibernation and when they do they can be both cocky and abusive, even if the stock is deep in the dumpster!

      I was expecting a major down day for the market on Friday and I had leaned down my longs, including Isis, and had stepped my shorts way up. I was wrong. That happens. I ran out of Isis early, but I have decided to keep a low profile and not buy in at these prices. I took a beating on my shorts!!!! I still expect the market to start coming apart sometime between June 15th and July 15th, so I see no need to rush in and buy Isis and I can hang on to those shorts without too much pain!

      Well enjoy the uptick, but for God's sake, if you bought any cheapies down at the bottom, sell them off along the way and buy yourself a good steak dinner! Try Gibson's on Rush where the old Mr. Kelly's use to be. Great steak and a good wine list and pretty babes in the bar that us old men can eyeball discreetly. I have never had a lemon drop there but the martinis are big and good!

      Congratulations to the Isis LTLs! You should get some good news soon! I expect the pumpers will start coming out of the woodwork and chanting in unison $100, $100, $100. If I miss the rally, maybe at least I can short it at the top and make a few bucks on the way down! Remember it is just a trade for me!

      If you read this Louie, "Have a good weekend"!

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      • Yes SourPuss I am familiar with Gibson's, decent food at an unreasonable price. Your shorting strategy for isis is suicidal considering the huge upside potential, but it is your money, might as well give it to someone younger that can enjoy it.

        For me I will be holding onto my 4000 and hope my order for an additional 4000 is filled below $8, but very unlikely. I have a long time horizon for isis, $100 is definitely possible 5 years out. I am lightening my holdings on npsp as their pipeline is limited, unlike isis. The only other significant holdings I own is amgn and optimer that received a green light from the fda today.

        Have a lemon drop on me, your going to have to drown your sorrows as isis continues its upward trajectory for many years.

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