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  • cowwebsinyourbrain cowwebsinyourbrain Oct 22, 2012 3:30 PM Flag

    Isis CEO Says Cholesterol Drug Could Be $1 Billion Seller

    Thats what he said about all of the others since 1997. They all failed, look it up.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • That would be great if he wasn't such a #$%$. What he needs to do is to put this undervalued company up for sale and retire a very rich #$%$. He is the biggest problem this company has. His credibilty is that of a loser......and he is ! He can't even turn good positive news into something positive. This stock would fly if he were to be replaced, Nobody believes anything he has to say.. Hope I made this clear .

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      • I agree with this part of your post when you said Stan "is the biggest problem this company has. His credibilty is that of a loser......and he is !"

        He and his management were dishonest with shareholders. They did not reveal the cancer issue to the shareholders and analysts. That was material information they omitted. Why? So they could sell their shares at inflated prices. As much as I have lambasted Dark before about his isis comments, he was spot on for advising us not to trust Stan Crooks, and a crook he is.

        The fact is had the cancer issue been brought to my attention, I would have never loaded up like I did. I just wish Dark could alluded to the cancer issue but I guess he also was caught with a surprise. I unloaded all my shares once the cancer issue became apparent. Fortunately I had a lot of shares bought in the lows a while ago, but I also had kept adding around $12. Overall I did have a loss.

        The way I see ISIS now is that using its so called revolutionary platform for drug design, has created a cancer question mark about its platform which is not going to be resolved until another drug is developed that shows without a doubt that cancer will not be an issue. To do that will be very costly IMHO because it would require pre-screening of all trial patients using cat scans and other cacer screening methodologies as well as excluding risky patients prone to having serious illnesses during drug trials. As I said that is a tall order, expensive and difficult to execute.

        As far as I am concerned, Stan Crooks sold us a damaged goods and I hope a law firm sues for his withholing of material information from his shareholders which caused them to lose money.

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