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  • lefty_rosenthal7 lefty_rosenthal7 Oct 23, 2012 7:11 PM Flag

    YAY! Dr Crooke on Mad Money

    I have to admit Dr. Crooke looked daper and well spoken. I am just not sure if going on Mad Money helps or hinders. However, it was worth a chance. The big problem is that the FDA seems tremendously biased against companies like Isis, Mannkind and others. I mean that one FDA panelist who brought up the cancer angle in the first place was akin to yelling fire in a crowded room. He and the rest of the FDA don't give a dam about the company they are judging or how it affect the stock price, they just like thumbing their nose and getting away with it. You know Isis and Dr Crooke have enough money to hire a statistician to prove bias. If I were him, I would consider it. In the after hours Isis is up one whole penny. Woo!

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    • " have to admit Dr. Crooke looked daper and well spoken"

      Yeh but he is still a crook. He lies and withholds material info from his shareholders so he can cash his freeby shares at premium prices. I was a long time shareholder who thought he would tell the truth . But I happeded to be wrong and I paid the price for trusting that @$%$.Withholding cancer risk from shareholders? Give me a break!!

    • The Crook has said the same balony for 20 years. Thats why he sells his stock at every chance for 20 years. He got caught in the 1990s .THE CONFERENCE CALL WAS SHUT DOWN IN A SECOND when an irate investors caught him fibbing. Notice Cramer didn't buy the explanation !!!!

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