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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich Nov 16, 2012 10:44 PM Flag


    It didn't happen. Never bank on the EU to ever do anything on time. Probably wont even be this year.

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    • Face it, institutions will always know more and have the drop on *retail*. Crammer has no clue, he cannot define the terms of art which surround a successful Phase III. He has to take it from others. The institutional trend is decidedly up. The sector, however, has been decidedly down going into and through the election. Not sure what macro cycle one would call this, but the sector is not in disfavor by either political party and most particularly, smaller companies with novel platform opportunities for disease conditions which are unmet. The Clinton white house was particularly fond of any entity who could put forth a solution to an otherwise incurable condition.

      Despite these wild long term swings, the smaller companies do represent opportunity which is supposed to proffer gains outside the chart. The shorting rings, however, and insider trading rampant on wall street, makes it very hard to hold on long term. Just a few weeks ago, people were paying much higher prices and the prospects have not changed. Institutional ownership increased and yet, the prices fell. Short interest increased but not enough to justify the "sector rotation", if I can call it that. ISIS earnings were as projected and cash surprisingly increased completely absorbing the R & D expenditures.

      Bottom line, I think the sector is very over-sold and ISIS is a top performer in its own sector. Historically, this has proven out. Today, ISIS appears to have the most cash it has ever held and the best partnerships, going forward. My conclusion is, the stock is undervalued. I suppose, if one is a long holder, the greatest concern is the HGSI effect. So obvious was the sale of HGSI at too low a price, class action suits piled in on an otherwise successful sale. Why? The complaints say the valuation was too low. The complaints are probably right, but the reason the price was too low could well be our own fault. Our system allowing illegal short sales, illegal insider sales and *blind trust* manipulation, donations of illegal proceeds to political parties, has been our undoing. We have shorted our own future into oblivion and we lack a president or a system with cognizance and backbone enough to call the shot and repair the damage. Enough said...ISIS has to carry its own weight and future with real results. Are stocks manipulated with a *pay around the table* mentality? I think so. It goes without saying... As to ISIS, I think they have the right stuff. This macro cycle was IMO a buying opportunity. Crammer smells the coffee brewing but cannot tell you why.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • How is ISIS a "top performer"? The drop from $15 to $8 says otherwise.
        I'm not arguing, I'm trying to see the light. I know they have a lot in the pipeline (25 right?), but that can be viewed as expensive. I'd view ISIS a whole lot better if they had some revenue coming in from product, but that isn't there yet.

        How are they a "top performer"? I'm assuming you mean in terms of progress getting drugs lined up and the potential that they have. Certainly the pipeline is substantially better than most other pharmas.

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