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  • stg696 stg696 Nov 29, 2012 3:37 PM Flag

    Don't believe their lies, ISIS is a quality stock

    Some of you have read responses dinepat203, who continues to spam the board with false hope and old information.

    Others have seen my responses to the hate that surrounds this stock.

    The truth is any new technology takes time to develop. Especially when human lives are at stake. ISIS was founded in 1989. That's almost a quarter century ago. If you look up what ISIS is trying to do with it's RNAi therapies, it involves counteracting what is in someones or some diseases DNA. Considering Everyone has a unique set of DNA it makes sense that some therapies would work dramatically different in different patience.

    ISIS holds an enormous amount of patent in regard to this and are/have received royalties for them. You can Search the United States Patent office for them and find 244 documents online right now, where you can down load them all in several lists.

    At the very least ISIS is worth much more in it's patents.

    Looking at the ISIS pipeline, The return on investment so many hopped for seems right around the corner. Not just in Kynamro but in several over key developments.

    Mixed with the FDA's commitment to make Orphan Drugs EASIER to bring to market should accelerate ISIS's worth.

    IF ISIS is not bought out, the potential for ever 100 shares purchased to be worth between 80-120K in 10 years there.

    BUT this is not a short term play. It is not for the weak. Not for someone to place their life's savings. And is not SAFE by any means. It is a high risk explosive reward stock. one that I felt worth stock piling since 2008.

    When I said in a previous post I wish I could have bought it down in October to it's lowest point, I meant it. I also believe it ends the year $10-$12 depending on how crazy congress gets with their negotiations.

    Do your own homework. Only buy what you know. Don't trust people to have your best interest in mind. It's your money. Whether you invest it or hand it to someone else to do it for you, it's your responsibility to know what's going on! Most of what I've read on this forum is a joke.

    Sentiment: Buy

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