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  • no2sound no2sound Dec 7, 2012 9:30 AM Flag

    Thumbs down no problem!!!

    Thick hide! Back in the USSA for the holidays. Looks like some good news for ISIS. They seem to be an ill fated company. Wonder how much management attributes to that bad luck...Enjoy your trips. I am happy to have my suitcase unpacked!!!! New message board would not let me reply to your last post. What an improvement!

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    • I have been having the same problems with Yahoo! and have pretty much given up. BTW this is why the "Clinton Era" tax rates will be so destructive to small business. In 1996 the 36% tax bracket encompassed the range from $121,300. to $263,750 but inflation has eroded the purchasing power of those dollars to range of $82,277. to $178,899. This is the heart of the income range of the small businesses that BO so champions. In addition state and local takes including property taxes have rocketed. Governments are finding new things to tax all the time! The one I like the best is taxes on water runoff from your land! They cannot tax the clouds so they tax us!

      We pay income tax on farms in Illinois and Illinois state income tax has increased 67% since the "Clinton Era". Well, to make a long story short, small business finances growth from profits, home mortgages, credit cards and relatives because banks won't lend to small business as a rule. Reduced profits combined with stable home values means the money pipeline will dry up. That means no new jobs and as Stan likes to say, we have an inflection point here where the job creation will dry up real fast. Add Obama care and it is all over!

      Such is life. Everyone should have a Swiss holding company!.

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      • So true,but with all this, that idiot(oblama) still got elected. I see you are from Illinois. I have found SO many lies coming from Oblama- yes I am spelling it right, it is not me being funny.
        You have to give our governer Quinn some credit. When he ran for office he said he would raise taxes. Somehow he got elected and he did exacly what he said he would do. He drastically raised taxes. If you are a big buisness like Sears or Cat and threaten to leave this STUPID state you get some tax repireave. Too bad everyone can't get that tax reprieve.
        Also, Boehner just spoke and the market has pulled back, BUT the DOW is still up. Last week the market tanked after Boehner speeking. Everyone must be getting tired of this fiscal #$%$.

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