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  • facerealityforonce facerealityforonce Dec 19, 2012 9:41 AM Flag

    "Working product "????

    Darkout told you that ans. works but not good enough. Face it with all of your 70 + nicks. How much have you lost i ask you for the last 10 years. Tell us again, who through the dirt back at you. Ho ho ho.

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    • which hedge fund do you and all your other handles work for? Let's face it, dark cannot have a following that *sees* and then responds to a post on ISIS, within 30 minutes of the post, where Dark's post was in answer to another posters thread. Only "Dark" could know and so any reasonable person would conclude, he is his own following. Are you his following, which implies, you are all one in the same? How mental is that? You really, really need a life. !

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