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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Dec 21, 2012 10:01 AM Flag

    Antisense Serious Flaws.

    Presision" ??? You have to be kidding ! Chuckle.

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    Isis 2.5 still does not have precise specificity and on a bad day will bind to a mouses testicles. Antisense is good for targeting as I have always stated. The nice part of antisense is that it can be designed to treat a wide range of diseases. Yup, Isis can come out with a new drug every week. ( This looks great to a newbie analyst) The bad part is that they don't work well enough to successfully pass a large scale phase 3 clinical trial other wise the stock price would be $500 a share. THEN, there is the dark nuclease digestion problem. NOW, how did I know five years ago that MIPO would fail... it's called common sense. Oh, BTW, do you remember when I warned you all with regard to the Kidney, Liver and bone marrow TOXIX attacts ? A few times I slipped in the Cancer warning too. Wow, how you poor people screamed at me. Do you really want me to go on? Bottom line, antisense has a great story for insiders to rake in the dough for decades and they have created great wealth for themselves etc. Nope not you... sorry. : ( I wish you all good health ! : )

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