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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Jan 3, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    Isis still selling every chance they get... look it up just the facts.

    The reality is 24 years of no viable antisense successful drug. The dark fiscal cliff is reality, Congress is not in reality. Hope you noticed the new CFO while the old one can sleep later. Did you buy more Vical ? How much will Vical out-perform Isis this year? Hopefully, certain Isis people will retire and let the stockholders reap the rewards... they have more than enough !!! : (

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    • well if the little general as you say is on the path to retirement Lynn is not his replacement.

      That would be a JOKE as she would last a nanosecond in the shark tank called the Street.

      Lynn as CEO ...... the stock price would drop 20 points from todays closing price

      I for one don't beleive loyalty is a reason to promote someone that is incompetant to hold the position.


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      • Wow !!! Hope you didn't think she should be ! I'd like to explain as in the old days on what the truth really is with regard to that crew but Yahoo won't let me state the facts. It's called dark Crime Inc.

        Ya ever hear from poor bosssco ? It was his case & elvis that made me feel so sorry for the investors caught over the decades. Oh well. How many Vical shares did you add ?

    • the truth, finally revealed

      Jobs sold tons of Apple on the way up.

      You are just a bitter communist. Go take that massive brain, take an idea and form a public company. Suddenly, you would be selling your own stock. Funny, how the worm turns.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Dark, I spent some time recently in your fair land. Some of the islands off the Gulf in Florida are really decent places. I think if everyone said sorry more often, life would be easier. Maybe it is time to bury the hatchet on ASO drugs, after all, 2013 is the year of ASO drugs.

      Anyways, good luck with Vical.

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