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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Jan 4, 2013 9:25 AM Flag

    Again, why the surprise! I gave you 12 years of warnings with regard to DARK antisense flaws.

    Todays news release. "Six years ago a top cardiologist stated Mipo could be a magic bullet against high cholesterol !" Too bad he could not comprehend what I had been educating them about for over a decade. It makes you wonder about life in general. Today, it's printed in same news release that, "Crooke not willing enough to admit antisense flaws." I informed you soooo many times the fact that if I knew the dark problems with antisense then Crooke had to know too." Oh well, zzzzzzzzzzzz I still maintain that antisense is good for targeting pathways to a potential drug and that's where it ends. I hope I'm wrong. Folks, I still like Vical's bright chances for the future. As the person with 73 IDS on this board has stated for a decade, "Who would you believe, Darkout or the hundreds of scientist in big pharma such as Lillys? I love it ! Chuckle with a chortle. Remember, the other pumper board that would not let me post the facts. Sad.

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